Monday, April 18

Day One and Counting

We flew out to Florida on Friday for a week long N. family vacation.This morning my period started - right on schedule - this is the 3rd month in a row where it was exactly 28 days apart- like my body really wants to cooperate in this whole timing & counting thing. I got on the cell phone & called the sperm bank back in SF so that they can put us on this months pick up schedule for about two weeks from now.This is all so weird.

Friday, April 8

Sperm Bankin'

Spies in the House of Sperm

Well this really does have to be one of the strangest experiences that you can have. E & I headed on down to our neighborhood sperm center were we checked in & had a seat in the waiting room with a quiet nice looking young guy -(a donor perhaps??). They have 3 or 4 binders sitting out which contain the long descriptions & in some cases photo's of all the current available donors. We have already pretty much picked our guy from the short descriptions offered on-line but we go ahead & take this time to read through the catalogues & see if there are others to consider. There isn't a photo of our guy as a kid which is too bad, cause it is cool to see the baby photo's of some of the other donor-guys.

We have a fairly long wait so we each wade through a complete binder before being called in for our intake appt. The meeting goes ok - but I don't really feel like they told us anything that wasn't in all the registration paperwork that we already went through. I want to be present & remember what was said & ask the right questions but I really just zone out a bit. E asks some questions - and then we head back out to the waiting area & reception/accounting desk.

So this is the good part --- we have a mini-in cause we sorta know one gal who is working here. She comes out to sit with us as we are looking through all the dudes & helps rate our prospects -- Our number one choice gets high marks from the spy in the house of sperm - both for his looks & personality and also for the quality of his seed. Our spy tells us that he's already been quite successful in the pregnancy dept.and he has good handwriting e&I both think so .... Maybe its weird to be picking the genetic co-creator of our child based on his handwriting but hey its what we have to go on - so that’s that.

We do have a minute when we look at the price scale & wonder if we should pick another donor cause factors make him a bit more of a bargain & then I get a really strong feeling that this is not the moment to be working my thrifty shopper persona & we drop it.We put 3 vials of mr. donor on hold & head for the parking lot feeling really .... strange .... this is an unfortunately not intimate moment in our road to baby making. & its tinged with some real sadness because for both of us in our hearts of hearts we want to create a child that is hers & mine - not mine & some dude who's got the right body type and eye color.