Monday, March 17

The difference a day makes...

Last night Em made dinner (Dgina came over) and we had - Fresh Salmon cooked with an herb butter a la Ch*z Pannise, Asparagus lightly salted and braised with olive oil, a nice orzo salad with fresh tomatoes and feta.

Tonight I'm cooking. A thing is in the oven thats made up of two cans of tuna, two cans of campb#ll cream of mushr**m soup, frozen peas and spaghetti noodles.

Sunday, March 16

Wanna do the puzzle ?

The first time we had this conversation, (you know the time without the camera when you say to yourself OMG this is SO cute we have to get it on camera...) Em was asking him what he wanted to do today (wanna see Gorillas ??) and he said NO to everything - Until Em asked if he wanted to run out, get the times & do the crossword puzzle and then he said emphatically YES - we thought Grma Phancy would be SO proud.

Wednesday, March 12

The Clean Team

The boys got together for some good old fashioned bathtime fun recently (this was before G. went on a water strike). It was so cute to watch them play together, but pretty soon they're going to actually outgrow the ability to play out these sort of "3 men in a tub" scenario's. Plus its just about impossible to keep the water in when they all start splashing.
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Tuesday, March 11

Oops got this one wrong

My son can't be the only baby boy who likes eating the foam from the top of mama's latte - can he???
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Sunday, March 9

Bye ...

Your great-grandfather passed away in his sleep about 4:30am Saturday morning.

Tuesday, March 4

When he stopped liking slides

When we were in SF em tried sending him down this round slide - and then he didn't want to get on a slide again for WEEKS. You can see why by looking at the expression on his face. He is finally going down slides again, but I was worried for awhile that maybe we had ruined him for life.

The last few weeks have been pretty good out here. Em has had a couple of weekends off which means I've had some breaks too. We have been spending LOTS of time with the neighborhood kids - Lila, Jack & Gabe - lots of playing in the snow when its warm enough to spend some time outside - and playgroups at each others houses. We are tossing around the idea of making a babysitting or pre-school co-op to start next fall - which would be AWESOME. We'll see if we can work it out as a group.

I am looking forward to the warmer weather coming soon - I am starting to make lists of activities for me & the munchkin to enjoy - like getting down to Boston Common, and the big Public Library ... only 2 or 3 months to go till Spring gets here.
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