Saturday, May 19

lego heaven - maker faire

Boy went to the Maker Faire this weekend - discovered (among other things) the joy that is about 10,000 gazillion legos all there for the building.

Monday, May 14

summer begins

Summer feeding frenzy begins -  Fresh Watermelon & Berries, Corn on the Cob & burgers off the grill!

Friday, May 11

Birthday Celebration at School - draft

for the school celebration I brought in a few of the Monkeys' Baby Items...
The onesie he wore home from St. Lukes and the knitted cap they gave him there.
First shoes with the fishies on them, His Wolfie winter cap from Cambridge & his
Locals T from the hood...

Sunday, May 6

Em's Finish Time

Here is the finish line clock as Em came across for the Avenue of the Giants - half Marathon!!!
Woot Woot.