Saturday, April 24


Lots of baby animals are cropping up at Drumlin Farm these days - lots of spring.

also some funny lookin Mommy's

Drumlin Farm Morning

Here is the boy feeding one of the new lambs at Drumlin

Thursday, April 22

GNS Spring Break Play-Date

Today we headed out with some of our classmates from Garden to visit with Tristan at his new house. On the drive Lily G. celebrated Earth Day by reciting "The Lorax" for us - I was duly impressed. I was also very impressed with Tristans new house - WOW
it is amazing by the way.

It looks like Tristan, his parents and his brother and baby found the perfect place.

Here's a shot of the Garden Mom's and Dads in the garden watching our kids run around.

and the children at rest....

The boy loved his morning - thanks so much Mina & Lloyd for having us all...

Saturday, April 17


One of his creations from the i-touch

Uncle Adam ...

came to visit this week which gives me the perfect reason to post this picture of his whole lovely family on the blog!!!!

Sunday, April 4

Easter sunday shots of La Familia Rebah from Montara

Melissa took these wonderful shots of Rebah's family when they came to SF for a visit this month. These were all down at Grandpa Eldon's in Montara

Reba and Seyi
Seyi looking VERY grown up
Kavan lookin all handsome & stuff
seyi in the foreground with Grandpa Eldon in the back

Friday, April 2

City Hall Lawn

We have been getting a rash of summer like weather -
Well summer in SF that is. Temps in the high 60's and low 70's I am loving it.
And the boy is loving all the time that we are getting to be outside and play.
His favorite game on the city hall lawns is the run down the hill at full speed and jump on momma knocking her down game.