Monday, February 21

Park 61st st Emeryville

After a trip to the BEST B*Y (thanky you Unka Jim) we found this new park in Emeryville (around 61st and Doyle) - it wasn't super big but it had some pretty cool play structures and we needed to run around for a bit so it was Perfect.

Friday, February 18

Indoor Play Cafe

On this rainy rainy morning we had a play date with Amy and Cypress at Sadie Days in Oakland - it was a pretty cool space but crowded - lots of moms escaping the bad weather. Still I love a place where the boy can run and play and I can have a latte!!!! Plus seeing Amy was a BIG bonus.

Wednesday, February 16

Breakfast Out

You would think now that the kid is in preschool 3 or 4 days a week I would have lots of time to kill with my favorite persuits like coffee, journaling, meals and just general lounging.... but that is SO not the case. I don't really know what the problem is but today I did get to have one of my RARE meals out with myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at that yumminess -
Yeah Sunshine Cafe on Solano

Happy V-Day

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New Park 2.16

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Monday, February 14

Before.During. After HAIRCUT time

I thought his hair was getting a little too much

Emily disagrees.

But he was with me today so that means trip to the kids haircut place. It is amazing because usually he wont let anyone TOUCH his hair, but he will sit SMILING even for a haircut at this place. So even if the cuts not great... he is having an okay time with it...
Still curly -

Monday Funday

Our Adventure Day playdate was at Lawrence Hall of Science this week. We had a good turnout of kids this time - lots of siblings too - There was much running around and playing with the various exhibits and then we ended the day in the blocks room.

Corty's dad David spent about and hour & a half working on his tower....

Monday, February 7

super duper Burger

Marianna's Dinner at Super Duper

Tilden Park Hike

Our monday am playdate was at Tilden park - we got there a little early so we went and checked out one of the hiking trails behind the Nature Center.

Sunday, February 6


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The newest Habitot exhibit is a dr's office, ambulance, xray station & vets office. I liked watching my two md's consulting on this babydoll baby.