Friday, January 25

At the Museum

The grandparents took me & the monkey to the American Museum of Natural History in NYC over the weekend. He was the perfect age for his first visit. Grandpa showed him all the great Dinosaur Bones - and then we checked out all the mammals - it was like having his book "Hug" come to life - here's the lions, and here's the lizards, and the giraffe and the ELEPHANTS & there's Bobo & Mommy.

As you can see is much smaller than an elephant!

After the musuem we had a nice lunch at a nearby Bistro.

Tuesday, January 22


This picture is proof that you can take the boy out of san francisco, but you can't take san francisco out of the boy.

We had a very good trip. We saw lots of friends, and family and got to visit many of SF's best playgrounds in between business and social engagements. One highlight of the trip (for the moms) was a walking tour of Ano Nuevo Elephant Seal preserve where we were joined by R's Grandpa Eldon, as well as the Wyman-Bennett clan (pictures to follow). A highlight for the boy was an afternoon spent at the discovery museum in Marin with Mel, Rachel-Laura & Jasper.
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Wednesday, January 16

Enjoying a day at the Embarcadero

R. loves the view of the bay bridge. Mommies loved the Cowgirl Creamery Cheeses but were less impressed with Slanted Door's to-go food.
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Tuesday, January 15

Four Generations

Here we are for a minute visiting the little guys "great-great grandfather" after our outing to Ano Nuevo with Grandpa R. At the end of the trip the little monkey was looking at pictures of Grandpa R. and saying "Poppa" - I was so happy that he got to spend enough time that he was recognizing him and that we will get to see him again this spring when he comes out to Boston. On a sadder note I am pretty sure that my Grandfather didn't recognize me at all - although he did seem to get that the baby was his great-grandson.
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Monday, January 7

What a difference a month makes

Note the little monkey on the path to the park in November - wearing sweatpants and a jean jacket, but by mid-December things have changed on the same little path. Now (early Jan) the path just has a few remnants of ice on it which should be melted by tomorrow - esp. if its really going to be close to 60 degrees.
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is free day at the Harvard Museum of Natural History.
Monito wants to show Gabe & Lila his favorite dino bones. When he walked into this room his jaw dropped & he said WOW
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Cleaning the Bathroom

Look at me Kathy B.!!!!! At least one member of this family can scrub the tub.
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Unka Richie

Richie came down from NYC to visit us (FINALLY) and we got him & his camera out to Jamaica Pond where he & the lil monster went chasing ducks. Much, much fun was had by all & I think Rich took about 3 rolls of film. The funniest part of the weekend was hearing peals of laughter from the back room as monito and R. were back there bonding.
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Friday, January 4

It is cold here....

After bitter cold, Bay State to get a taste of spring
January 4, 2008 08:37 AM
By Globe Staff

Sick and tired of the bitter cold? Warmth is on the way. The National Weather Service predicts that temperatures will rise steadily through next Tuesday, when it will reach the 50s.
The cold will linger this morning, with temperatures of minus 5 in the interior of the state to 15 degrees. But the temperatures will then move upward, beginning with a high of about 33 today, the weather service predicts.

I live in a state where 33 Degrees is considered good weather in the winter. San Fran on the other hand is getting hit with a huge rain storm but the temps are positivly balmy up there in the 50's.

So I don't usually blog about the weather, but yesterday was the type of morning where you actually think your nose may turn black and fall off and your lungs burn as you breath. Little mountain man went out for a walk with me & fell asleep in his stroller!!!

Wednesday, January 2