Tuesday, March 9

Mommy Roller Coaster

After spending a day riding the Shamu kiddie roller coaster over, and over, and over, and over again, Emily got to take on the slightly more grown up thrill rides that our day at C-World had to offer.

Here are a few pictures of her fun....

Sharing with Shamu

While mommy rode her roller coaster the boy, shamu and I stopped at the "cafe" for our treats - a latte for me & a giant cookie for the kids.

Monday, March 8

Roller Coaster

Photos from his first roller coaster ride(s).... He went on this one multiple times. Em is so proud.

Feeding the Dolphins

I know that we shouldn't be keeping dolphins in captivity - especially in teeny tiny pools.... BUT getting to feed, pet and photograph these lovelies was really, really amazing. I don't think the boy was as awed as Em and I were but I hope its something he remembers as he grows up.

Orca Show

Tuesday, March 2

Should I be worried

Here are some examples of the "art installations" that I am finding around the house these days.

First a peice from the "Under the Kitchen Sink" series -

and now a peice from "balancing things on the furniture - 2010"