Sunday, November 18

Kitchen Helper

New Tube

Mid November Post

So if you are paying attention you'd be thinking to yourself - Hey What's up?? The lil' Monkey hit his 18 Month Anniversary & I haven't seen any numbers - no height, no weight, no cute little head circumference. Well, that's my fault - I let a few weeks go by after our last Dr. appt before I called to schedule the 18 month check up & by that time the entire month of November was gone & we got slotted for early December. So if you all just wait patient then you'll get those numbers just as soon as we do. What I can tell you is that the lil guy is just smart as a whip. He is so much fun & also funny - whether its hitting Em on the head with a board book when he should be napping or reaching through the slats of my chair cackling "Tickle, tickle, tickle".

He has also tossed out his old habit of bobbing forward and nodding "Yes" to everything we say in favor of testing the power of his "NO!!!" and getting some practice in the fit-throwing department. He is a little bit of a bully sometimes commandeering a favorite toy and giving a push or shove to keep ahold of it, but all in all compared with the other 18 month-ers he is pretty chill. He can still be distracted and his fits when he has them are short-lived bursts.

He is still super active and getting more agile. He enjoys the "circuit" in our park which consists of a two step climb to a platform, another couple of steps to another platform then sitting & scooching on his toosh to the edge of the slide and sliding down WHEEEEE. He also likes the suspended bridge bouncy thing as well as going up the BIG ladder (probably about 8 steps) and sliding down the covered slide - which does Really Fun things to his hair - crazy static electricity.

He is showing a small bit of the OCD - he takes all the push toys in the park and lines them up or parks them in order under the table or under the slide. He also likes to clean (????) - Em and I have no idea where this trait comes from. He will take a cloth or sponge and wipe off the dirty place-mat after he eats, he takes the broom or mop and tries to clean the kitchen floor - sadly he doesn't love the vacumn (I blame this on Mabel since she has a habit of barking at it.) He has even begun to follow a big person (ie Me) into the loo so that he can pull all the toilet paper off of the roll & then sweetly offer it up to you as he says in baby voice " pp ??? poo poo?? "

It is starting to get colder here so we have been discovering more indoor play spaces - sadly coffee shops are too small to contain him, but the library and the childrens museum are most accomadating. Also a few friends are hosting play groups at their houses. He is playing more with Lila - the big gal upstairs (22 months old!!) and we see our buddy Gabe almost every day. The challenge now is trying to figure out how to time the naps to the much shorter days - its dark now between 4 and 4:30 so it feels bad to sleep away the last couple hours of daylight which means I either try to get him down early (before 2) or we wait until after 4 - like today which means he's asleep at dinner time --- but will probably be wide awake & rearing to go at around 10 pm. Oh well.

I am missing Family & our SF Friends a lot right now - Happy Thanksgiving to you all & plan a trip to the East Coast for the coming year!!!!

Tuesday, November 13

Fall Walk with Mommy & Grandma

We had another weekend up in the shire with Phancy. The lil' monkey loves his house in the woods, he was playing with all the toys for hours entertaining himself and loving long walks up the leaf covered driveway with Grandma, Grandpa and Mommy. I loved the time away too - I read almost the ENTIRE Sunday NY Times for the first time in I don't know how long. Yummm....

Now its back to a week of real life & then the grandparents are in Boston for a wedding over the weekend so more N. family time.

Monday, November 5

Fall at the Shire

We went out to the shire this weekend to visit the GParents... & got a really cute shot of the lil monkey in his fancy Patagonia vest playing in the fallen leaves. He had a great time getting lots and lots of attention & I had a good time getting to do some soduko puzzles and lay on the couch. Mabel & Monito both enjoyed running in circles around the house & we luckily avoided a massive rainstorm that blew through Boston. All in all a good weekend & Next weekend mama Em gets to come out to play too.