Sunday, April 27

First Signs of Spring in Cambridge

The trees in the park behind our house came into bloom when we were gone last week. The pink blossoms are already falling off of the big tree over the playground. So nice to see color again!!!
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Wednesday, April 23

Em on the Beach

This is a public beach down the way from our "resort" (which you can see in the background) - the beaches weren't really super pink, but they were soft, clean and very very welcoming for a couple of tired & vacation ready gals like us. Lil Monkey also really enjoyed the beaches - he made sand castles, ran (& fell) in the water and even went "snorkelling" with us - the water was so shallow we could walk way way out into it holding him on our hips so that we could see some of the tropical fish swimming in the reefs. Awesome.

Sunday, April 20

April 20th

We started the day making Matzoh Brie with Grandpa, Matthew and Olivia.
After breakfast and some family visits it was time to drive to the airport and catch our flight to ....
BERMUDA ......This is the view from the Airport
This is the mini van that whisked us off for the hour or so ride to our "resort" 9 Beaches on the far west side of Bermuda.

Finally here we are around 5pm on the deck of our Cabana - beautiful Number 47 - with a stunning view of the perfect ocean and our own little beach. More to come - stay tuned ...

Monday, April 14

Big Boy Cup

This is how the lil monkey drinks milk "like a big boy". He gets a regular plastic cuppy - No Sippy Lid, and sits in the middle of the kitchen floor - its best if a mommy sits with him, and drinks as much as he can before he is simply overcome with the urge to dump the remaining contents of said cup (sans sippy lid) onto the floor. Thank goodness that we are paying for housecleaning now.
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Feeling Like Spring

The days are warming up a little bit and we've pulled the second layer of fleece out of our winter jackets, plus as you can see no Gloves and no Hats at the playground this weekend. We did spend a lot of time with Lila trying to get the most of the sun out of the day.
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Monday, April 7

Just cause he is so cute!!!

Bad Mothering, Food Choices Part II

Em was out of town at the big southern wedding fete. All I could muster was Capt##n Kr#nch and T*p R#men. But he sure does love sweets and noodles!!!!

Really, Really High

That's how he likes to swing it, my boy.
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Visiting BUMC

Here is the lil monster as we are waiting for the bus after visiting "Mommy Working" on Friday. Since Em was going off to Holly & Doanie's big southern/vietnamese wedding extravaganza straight from work we decided to head out for a field trip to say goodbye. Of Course this was the day that decided to POUR rain - but we braved it and took the #1 bus down Mass. Ave, past the symphony hall that we see every day in our Elmo Peter & the Wolf DVD and all the way out to the end of the world. The monkey had great fun on the bus ride - He sat in his own seat by the window and watched for diggers, school buses and big trucks and commented on all of them LOUDLY when they appeared. At the hospital he was a little taken aback by all the scrub & white coat wearing co-workers who came by to say hi & give him some love. But he warmed up as soon as he was directed to his own little computer terminal. We had lunch in the cafeteria - which makes me wonder - why is it that hospitals have such Awful, Awful food. Anyways I took this snap as we waited for the #1 to wisk us back home again for hot cocoa and a nap.

Tuesday, April 1

Em watching the Baby

Nuff said.
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Like Manna From Heaven....

Today the city replaced the fire hydrant across the street from our house. This meant that for the ENTIRE morning there was a crew working a big digger right outside our window. Someone could not have been happier.

Baby Cheese continued...

Of Course Lila misses her babydoll and needs to come downstairs to visit now and again and make sure that the lil monkey is doing everything okay. He looks kinda worried doesn't he ??
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In the park with Baby Cheese

Lila gave the lil monkey one of her baby dolls a couple of weeks ago. Since then we have gotten to see what a good daddy-type he is. He is very attentive of his baby doll - making sure to change her diapers and give her lots of b*tt paste. And occasionaly insisting that we can not leave the house without her.