Saturday, October 31

Happy Halloween

Lucky us - Halloween in SF.
Who would have guessed that we would be spending it in the Richmond, rather than the Castro
ps. Great (!!!!) trick or treating out here.

Monday, October 26

Sunday, October 25

Toddler Dance Party

Following are some shots as his new career as a Rave DJ

Getting the tunes ready for the dance party...

and Making sure that all the other ravers are having a good time....

even the moms got in on the action

You may notice that all the other party people have their pants on, but not our boy -

Thanks to the good tunes & the glow sticks a fun time was had by all.

Saturday, October 24


It is taking me awhile to write down my thoughts on the 2009 Russian River "Sibling Summit". Part of the reason is that all the other mom's have expressed the tone of the gathering so well via our "Facebook" connections.

The Kids
H. (NYC), E. (Seattle), L. (Oakland) Z. & M (Sebastapol), OUR BOY (MA via SF), and S. (SF)

This weekend was proposed some number of months ago by the East Bay moms to the group of us who have all virtually connected via the Donor Sibling Registry. Em & I had to push the dates into late Oct for us to even have a chance of making it & everyone was super great about making this happen. So Susan found a house at the Russian River that sleeps a ton & we all split renting it for 3 nights.

Em & I flew in from Boston, another family came from New York and a Third came from Seattle and the remaining 3 families (4 kids since there are twins) came from the Bay Area. I had met everyone but the East Bay Folks, but the NY & Seattle families hadn't met anyone BUT me before this.

So we all arrived with bags of toys & treats from our various locals - NY Bagels, Seattle Coffee (YEAH) and it pretty much felt comfortable & warm instantly. The kids were lovely with each other & with the other parents, and the Moms were just a crazed bunch of camera wielding mama's.

We ate, played, hiked, swam, soaked, danced & did it all again. I don't know if the kids felt any kind of "special" connection to one another - other than all being so close in age ... but I think that all of us moms, mommy's, ima's, baba's, etc did feel a nice familia type bonding amongst each other - which is funny since the bond is really just that we randomly went to the same sperm bank and were attracted to the same donor.

We are from different geographys, religions, age groups and backgrounds but we all just LOVE our kids & I think because of that have a deep attraction to each of these other kids who share some of the same glimmer ....

Heathers Photos of the Sibling Summit

October 2009 - Sibling Reunion
Click on the photo to go see some wonderful photos from our weekend!!!

Wednesday, October 21

Sunday, October 18

Snow in October

What the car looked like when we got back from seeing "Where the Wild Things Are". Hey weather gods - its only October - C'mon.
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Wednesday, October 14

Adventure Day

I admit that a trip to the Flu Clinic for shots is not nearly as fun as the children's museum.
But we still got chocolate cupcakes afterwords.

Monday, October 12

Hey Buddy can you spare some cute...

A shot of the boys taking a break at Drumlin Farm. Some days I can barely stand the cuteness of these kids!!!

Sunday, October 11


The Honk! Festival is probably our favorite annual event here in Boston/Cambridge/Sommerville.
Tons of agit-prop street bands travel out here for a weekend of Mayhem that starts on the street corners at the beginning of the weekend and ends up with a parade to Harvard Square's OctoberFest Party.

We missed it last year but made sure to be around this year - here are some shots from Sunday's Parade....

The parade starts near the location of the farmers market in Davis Sq. somerville. We watch a few of the bands come down the side street.

This was a group concerned about Healthcare....
cool alien doctors....

and a Gratuitous shot of the Cousins watching the bands

A "pretend" band that was dancing down the street....

Honk ! (band Shots)

In case my other post was misleading there really are actual bands that march in the Honk! Fest too ...
I was just taking video clips of most of them, but here are a couple of photos ...

Tuesday, October 6

New Boots

Look who got some fancy new rainboots. Actually Em ordered him two pairs of boots - one that was on sale for about $10 and This Pair - and then she let him choose which ones he liked best. And yes the kid does have good taste and likes the fancy imported from England, made by the best rainboot company money can buy boots.... No surprise really - the apple doesn't fall far from the proverbial tree does it. I wouldn't be surprised to discover that Em also accidentaly ordered a pair of these in her size too....
although I don't think she is quite as likely to accesorize with the hot pink spurs.
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