Sunday, August 26

Last Night Lobster...

Tonite Em headed to work to start Nights & for dinner the kid & I had...
CornDogs (non-meat), Fish fingers, Frozen Peas, some corn on the cob and
Mac & Cheese from a box.

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Saturday, August 25

Lobster Dinner

Met Adam, Ila and the kids in New Hampshire, headed to Maine for dinner & had a crazy great lobster dinner.

Saturday, August 18

August Update

The boy continues to just amaze me. He is so much fun to hang out with, although sorta tiring too now with all the running around. He is just SO happy with himself most of the time it's fun to watch. He runs around & looks back at me with a sh#t eating grin, then takes off again. He is all over the different climbing structures in the playground - never mind that he can't actually negotiate half of them. He is Fearless!!!

He now calls Mabel by her real name most of the time -- separating out the syllables May-Belle - very adorable. He is still signing every time he sees or hears a motorcycle, although he has begun to sign motorcycle for other cool vehicles like large loud trucks, school buses and fire engines.

I am going to need to find some classes to put us into to keep us busy as we come to the end of summer - maybe a music class and swimming at the Y again. Making trips to two or three different parks each day is wearing a tad thin! He still travels pretty well - we did alright on the short flights to DC and back and he did good driving to the Cape and the Shire ... We'll see how he does for a west coast jaunt in October - I'm a bit concerned for that long of a flight, but maybe we'll be lucky.

We've made a few more trips to the Boston Kid Haunts - the Zoo, the Children's Museum & the Science Museum - he seems to "get" more each time we go & to find new things to enjoy. I need to look into memberships for either the kids or science museum I think. I am also going to try and pick some more in "boston" proper adventures for us - he is doing good on the bus & has pretty much given up his morning nap so I feel like we can try am outings over the next couple of months.

Well that's it for now... except here is a picture
(visiting the pigpen @ the farm w/Cuz F.)

Tuesday, August 14

The Peach Farm

Monito enjoyed the weekend with Audrey's family. We went to a great park to ride a train, we played with Lots and Lots of Toys at her house, and we rode a ferry across the Potomic - we even picked fresh peaches and tasted some peach pie a la mode.

Tuesday, August 7

Peds Appt.

Today was our 15 Month Dr Visit -- He is excellent, of course ... with only one unsightly bruiser on his forehead from MamaCoffee at Andalu the other day. So without Further Ado his stats are:

Weight 21.2 lb (US) - still a skinny minny coming in in the 10th percentile
Height/Length 31.75" - tall - in the 75th Percentile for boys
Head 47 cm around - including the unsightly bruiser referred to above.

He got shots for HIB & DTaP -which they combod into on shot --- done quickly in his lidocained thigh as he stood up screaming in my ear.

Sunday, August 5

Saturday, August 4

Sign Language

He has learned a fistful of signs, hi first was nursing, which looks like you're milking a cow - sadly it also looks like waving "hi" & "bye" when rotated causing the kid to get fed at many greetings and to be greeted when asking for a feeding, The next sign was "more" - this one is pretty clear, especially when uesd as he is eating birthday cake, drinking from a big cup or a straw, eating ice cream and snacking on cherrios. We have also been showing him things like "bath" , "hot", "drink water" and "change diaper" --- but in the past week or two we've noticed that he picked up the sign for MOTORCYCLE - (a throttle motion with the hand). He does it when he hears a motorcycle, when we see bikes parked on the street and just sometimes to make me happy during the day. He accompanies the sign with a very cute vrooom-vrooom sound....

Thats my boy!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 3

First Bike Ride

Emily got a bike seat from Lori, and a new rack to fit it on and a cute yellow chicken helmet & finally took the boy out on his first ever bike ride (I couldn't look). After screaming because he had a helmet on his head, he adjusted and by all acounts had a great time. Now we just need to get my police auction bike working and we can do a family ride down Memorial drive on a sunday when the road is closed.