Thursday, April 26

First Spring

So I can't believe that the boy is almost One Year Old but here it is Spring in Cambridge and we are two weeks away from his Birthday. We went out the other day and out of NOWHERE there were flowers - all over the place ---
In our park, in people's yards and here are the flowers that are on our street corner by the project housing that's being renovated. Sadly the kids idea of fun was to pull some of the new flowers out by their roots, but other than that I got a few beautiful photos.

The New England "spring" weather is crazy... One day its cold and rainy- and by cold I mean really cold like 40's and low 50's; then the next day its blasting sun & in the 80's. There have been a couple "perfect San Francisco days" where its in the high 60's low 70's with a mild breeze and we have gone out walking around in just T-shirts. Yumm!!!

R. is crawling all over the place - getting into all kinds of things & eating the playground. He is cruising some, but hasn't chosen to take steps on his own yet. He is chattering nonstop (you can listen to him on the You Tube Videos linked below) & has maybe made one or two signs to me... the judge is still out on that one.

Em is working a lot - of course, but she is almost done with Medicine & we are going to have this Sat. off so we are running away to the Shire to see the grandparents & to celebrate Nancy's Birthday.

I have been feeling super nostalgic & thinking about this time last year - the craziness of getting ready to have a baby, move cross country, find a place to live, rent our place etc etc... and I can't believe that we have made it & done as well as we have. I love & miss all of my SF friends so much... I wish you could see the lil Monkey grow & change each day - but I have met some great moms here too & feel so blessed to be having such wonderful days with the lil guy every day.

xo xo - don't forget to take a moment to get a whiff of spring

Spring Collage

About two days ago everything around us started to bud & bloom... One day all the trees were naked (like the one in the bottom right corner) and the next day I go walk the dog and there are blossoms EVERYWHERE. Monito had to get his hands on some of the plants as you can see in the center. I am glad that it's not snowing - although Mondays 86 degree weather freaked me out a bit too... I heard of something called Spring - hopefully we'll get to see it for a little while before we collapse into the summer heat.
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Another Clip of Monito Crawling & Chating

Here you can hear him say "Waidoe" his favorite "word"

Saturday, April 21

His Current Favorite Toys

The lil guy enjoys playing with the trash can, the empty kleenex box and the Peanut Butter Jar best of just about everything. Especially the peanut butter jar - its probably the most dangerous.
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Friday, April 20

Monito wants Two Mommies

We went to the attorneys today to do the preliminary footwork to making Em's relationship with the lil monkey all legal like. We have to pay up, and fish around for a lot of documents - birth certificates, affidavits, etc. We are going to ask friends and family to write letters of support as well. It just sucks that we have to jump through silly (and expensive) legal hoops to make what already is into something legal. I guess I should be glad that we aren't being told to get married again...but still it seems crazy to me that we have to adopt our own kid.

I just want to say that the best part is is finding myself feeling so completly glad that Em is here & a part of my life & the deep deep belief that I wouldn't have the lil monkey if it weren't for the grace of having her in my life to make this all come true.

I do love my family

Thursday, April 19

Happy First Birthday

Happy First Birthday to two of our Favorite UCSF Boys...

Aiden 4.19.06

And Abraham 4.19.06

Kisses & Hugs to your Moms (Maya & Margaret) & to your Dads (Nathan & Pat)
We miss you but we'll be happy to share some cake & ice cream in June!!!!

Monday, April 16

At Monday Mama Coffee

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Here is a shot I am stealing from Blahdiblog of the kids at Andala today.

Tooth Number Two

Has made an appearance... I'll try for a photo this week. It's also on the bottom of his mouth.
It came in without too much fussing.

Boy continues to crawl and has begun talking non-stop - although apparently in a language other than English.

Saturday, April 14

Gotta Love Liza

We were babysitting for my friend Lori - who has Direct Satellite TV & I discovered the "gay" channel Logo --- in the middle of the day they were showing one of my most favorite movies Ever (!!) Cabaret - Liza Minnelli, Joel Grey, the little british guy... lots of good music... you know the show. I forgot that it's kinda dirty in some parts (Joel Grey). Anyway as you can tell by the look on the little monkey's face he now thinks that Liza Minnelli is super hot. Oh if only he ALWAYS loves musicals this much... a dad can dream.

Monday, April 9

Walking in the Park

Here are some shots of the lil Monkey practicing "walking" at a park that we visited during our Nanuet Passover trip. The park had playgrounds set up by age group & this was the 6 mo to 2 year area - He found the green bars at waist height to be the perfect thing to practice his stride on. As you can tell from the pix he was pretty proud of himself.

Now we just have to figure out how to install a set in our hallway!!!!

Wednesday, April 4

Nanuet Pesach

Until we get better photos from Grandpa Phil or Dan here are some selections from the Passover run to NY.

Photos from a Nanuet Pesach Visit

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He Crawls...

We really need to clean up the apartment now....

This clip should work now... sorry it didn't before.

... And He Talks...

Last night the little Monito said his first clear word.... what was it you ask?

"Bobo" as in Bobo wants a HUG from the book by Jez Alborough - see photo below...

It wasn't mama, daddy or Mabel but it wasn't "oh sh*t" or "f&ck" either -

After saying Bobo twice to the book he also said it to his monkey doll.