Saturday, April 29

Lovejoys Shower

Jenny invited Annie, Remi, Melissa Ortega and Melanie for a lil baby shower at LoveJoys - our favorite tea hall.

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Sunday, April 23


We are starting to informally show the house to folks – friends and friends of friends. It feels really weird on one hand, but also like a move away from inaction on the other hand. I so don’t want to leave my home – especially now when I am supposed to be all about nesting – and instead I am supposed to start tearing my messy little nest apart!!!!

Anne Williams is thinking about moving in with her mom & they think the house may be a good fit for them, and Jenny from the JMP needs to move into SF in a place where they can keep their dogs. In addition Steve & the Prochovnick family are sending over some good long term friends who need to move back into SF after living down Skyline for the past years.

I am excited that it looks like this process may be fairly painless, but I am so sad to be leaving our house.

Thursday, April 20


Both Maya and Margaret had baby boys yesterday!!!! And now they are next door to each other at UCSF. The JMP gals dropped into see Maya today & I joined them after scarapy. Maya looks GREAT & the baby is really cute as well. She told us a chunk of the birth story and it wasn’t too bad – I guess its never too bad when you’ve got your perfect baby at the end of the day.

It did make me feel safer & a little less freaked out to see them all doing so well. I definitely like the feel of the Homestyle/St Lukes option better than the feel at UCSF – the halls sorta vibrate with the anticipation of an exciting case – I don’t want to be an exciting case – I want to be a really really boring birth – routine, as expected with nothing too exciting going on.

Both Maya and Margaret had some D-Cells at the end stages and had some scary moments- but like I said as soon as you know baby & mama are fine then every birth looks like a good birth.

I am glad that we all got to do belly photos together at the baby showers. Hopefully they will shoot copies to Em at some point and I can post them here.

Tuesday, April 11

What’s UP? My Blood Pressure

Just before we got to 33 weeks my blood pressure shot up to 146/89 - at our homestyle visit that night Yeshi asked me what I do during the day to relax … I said that I went outside for a few minutes when I could. She didn’t like that answer so much and told me to let my boss know that I wouldn’t come in for the rest of the week – instead she wanted me to spend 2 hours resting in the morning, in the middle of the day, and in the early evening. They also had me set an appt. with Dr. Norrell who is the Ob-Gyn in charge of the whole she-bang.

So we saw Norrell the next week and after 4 days out of work the BP was 110/60 and the Dr. was joking about why was I there… She went ahead and acknowledged that if the modified rest schedule was working then its’ best to keep me on it & filled out SDI paperwork to put me into maternity leave now. My plan was to stay through the end of the month – but not if its making me sick to be on my “feet”.

Norrell also basically asked Em to seriously consider coming back to SF & working with them at St. Lukes – that was really cool.

Monday, April 10

Emily Came Home..... YEAH!!!!!

So Em got home for her birthday. I am so happy. For a few reasons... I am quite proud of myself for actually driving her car to the airport & picking her up at close to Midnight on Saturday night. (go me!!!) I have that feeling the rest of you may remember from when you were perhaps 16 and driving for the first couple of times on your own - like I am such a rockstar for not killing myself on the freeway.

Also I just missed her sooooo much.... and I need help now to pick up anything thats on the floor... by next week I'll need help to tie my shoes.. So I pretty much needed her home.

We saw Lily & Eric last night for B'day dinner & Sopranos

We went grocery shopping at Rainbow & had vietnemese for lunch & em rubbed my ankles before bed ... really how much better could a birthday get.