Friday, May 20

Sharing II

I told my chavrutah, E told our best bet for childcare -Maybe a little less numb...Wow -

Wednesday, May 18


Saw Rina & S. - we saw I am My Own Wife Last night -It was great -I am still numb

Tuesday, May 17

Oh My God

So today is Deb's Birthday & in honour of that I decided that I would pee on stick #2 first thing this am. Of Course E. is gone since she has to be at the hospital by 5 am or some god awful hour, & I don't return to the living until sometime after 7 at the earliest.
Anyway I digress ---
so I get up - pee on yet another stick - wait almost the full number of minutes & then am confronted with A STRONG PINK line - WOW ---

So I couldn't breath for like 5 minutes & then when my heart calmed I tried calling E. & left a message for her to call me. Then I called Deb (happy B'day) & Rina --- This is so weird - like I shouldn't be surprised but I am

Sunday, May 15

Waiting to bleed

... and feeling testy. I have been really pissy the past couple of days -Have no idea if I am super pre-menstrual or pg -funny that they have the same symptoms. I think E. is finding me fairly intollerable to live with at the moment - I am snappy & bitchy & just pretty hard to be around. I think I am feeling disappointed.

Last night was the big NCLR dinner - getting dressed sucked cause I don't feel right in any of my "dress up"clothes - I want to just live in ripped up jeans. Finally after I took on a bit of an attitude adjustment we had a pretty good time. I'd like to just bleed & get it over with -- I really can't stand all this 2 week at a time counting.

Thursday, May 12

Testing, Testing - Part Two

Went to Walgreens and got a 2 stick pregnancy test. My freind Deb said that she got a positive at around 10 days - so taking that to heart I sneak into the loo (we have company) and pee on the pink stick (cute how the ovulation stick is blue & this one is pink - can we be more gender neutral??????). So I wait the req'd minutes (not patiently) and there is maybe - if you squint & hold it up to the light.. a pink line. I am sorta bummed - I think this means no. I give E. the thumbs down signal and we go back to visiting & watching TV.

Sunday, May 1

Swim Swim Swim

Tonites the Night
gonna be alright

---Took my last hot tub for awhile...and then it was time for butch dyke baby makin'.Of course Em & I had to fight a bit to get some of the stress out - but then wechilled & were able to get down to business. Thank god for dating a dr. It was great to be able to do IUI at home & not in a clinic. All in all it was an incredibly sweet & intimate experience ... & here I was expecting it all to feel really clinical.

Swim Swim...