Wednesday, March 23

Fantastic Painter Artist

This little film was shot Feb 19th - the background noise are our friends Charlie and Leo playing in the next room. The boy is explaining what a "Fantastic Painter Artist" is as he works on a painting.

He is especially impressed with Mommy's artistic abilities because "she can make stars" - Me Too.

Just Cause

Photo from our visit to Lawrence Hall of Science.

A couple of engineers...

Rafi and the boy are working on a suspension bridge at Lawrence Hall of Science. We cut preschool today so that we could hang out some more with the G-N clan - mom, dad, Doron, Rafi and Zohara and Ziva. It was rainy so LHS was our place. The boy is pretty smitten with Rafi - they both love to build complex and beautiful structures.

Sunday, March 20

When a tree falls in the neighborhood

The neighbors called last night just after midnight to tell us that everyone was okay and that we shouldn't freak out if we saw FireTrucks coming up to their house. It was rainy and very very windy out and one of the giant trees in their yard had just come down onto their roof. - I hadn't heard a thing!!

This morning we went over to take a look - Wowza

Thank goodness everyone was fine & the house is hopefully fine - that is some good construction that it can catch a direct hit and not crumble.

Firewood anyone?

Wednesday, March 9

Ice Cream Stand

Getting busy at Skytown on a clear day. A bunch of the kids set up an "ice cream stand" under the play structure. The funny thing was there was more interest in scooping and selling "ice cream" than in buying and eating it.