Sunday, June 29

Happy Pride Day

So here I am at 4 in the afternoon watching a live feed of the SF Pride Parade on my computer - & seeing everything from Charo to Cyndy Lauper to Fire Depts, Gay Wanna-Be Dads, my old Synagogue (Rueben looked cute) and even BadRap the group to supp0rt Pit Bulls as pets. There are also floats by Air New Zealand, Virgin, MACYs (apparently they have a big gay CEO) ... yep we may be a rainbow people, but our money is clearly still very green.

So its pride in SF & here I am in Cambridge ... other friends are scattered around - Portland, LA, New York. Other friends are travelling in Europe or on camping trips this weekend. I think this is probably the first parade I haven't been at least partially at (other than the year we moved coasts...) in 30 years.

So here we are celebrating a bunch of dykes & drag queens fighting the cops, (now with corporate sponsorship) & celebrating another state allowing us to get hitched. Big rainbow kisses to all my peeps who are walking & riding down Market St. today

Saturday, June 28


We rode the bikes down to the Charles River & visited with some of the baby Geese. The mama's & dad's weren't completely thrilled by lil Blasto --- but he was pretty into them.

Cambridge Block Party

After a trip to the beach on Friday we joined Farah & DGina for the annual cambridge dance party infront of city hall - imagine seeing oodles of your neighbors all doing the macarena & you get the picture of the fun that we were in for.

The lil monkey didn't really know what to make of the dancing......
BUT He certainly enjoyed doing the limbo with Uncle Dan and the Ice Cream sandwiches that followed.

Thursday, June 26

Beach Day

Chasing Butterflies

The lil monkey & his best girlfriend had some fun chasing "butterflies" (actually a moth) last week. It was so much fun to watch them running across the field screaming butterfly, butterfly.... below is a picture of the little moth after it was so worn out that it had to stop and land on the fence for 5 minute.

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Wednesday, June 25

Okay a Meme

How long have you been married? First Marriage was May 2001, MA marriage was Sept 06. Together longer than that ____________

Where did you meet? Through her ex. and then we got to know each other through our bookclub.

How long did you date? see the blank line above ... it was awhile but I'd have to look it up.

How old is she? Mid 30's

Who eats more? That would be me

Who said “I love you” first? I probably said it first, Em was more skittish, but she is the one who proposed.

Who is taller? Me - I eat more!

Who sings better? Ummm she does by a long shot

Who is smarter? Well she's a doctor & I'm a lawyer - so you decide.

Whose temper is worse? Her temper is faster to flare, but its over quickly. It takes a lot more to get me mad, but then I stay mad for 5 - 10 years.

Who does the laundry? I "do" the laundry, but I don't fold it or put it away... so it ends up on the floor in a big heap & I just keep washing the same clean clothes over again.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Is there a "wrong" side?

Who pays the bills? I pay them but I am spending Em's $$.

Who cooks dinner? If dinner is getting cooked then em is doing the cooking. I do make a mean top ramen.

Who drives when you are together? Em drives cars I drive Motorcycles, and I now drive the car when she starts to fall asleep.

Who is more stubborn? I'd say em is.

Who kissed whom first? She kissed me when I was too weak from a cold to fight her off.

Who is the first to admit to being wrong? Generally I'd say that Em is loath to admit that she is wrong, but perhaps that's because she isn't wrong very often. I am wrong a lot & pretty free to admit it - although I maybe a bit slow to do anything about it.

Whose parents do you see the most? Em's now that we are living on the East Coast, my dad when we are living in SF.

Who proposed? Em did. She told me early on that I was not allowed to propose & that she would if and when she was ready... her idea was to propose to me with her wedding vows, but she didn't quite do that. She did propose (with a ring) at a pretty fancy schmantzy BBQ Meat Restaurant & at first I thought she was joking around.

What’s her best physical attribute? Calves - hey take a look sometime.

Who has more friends? She's a resident - they aren't allowed to have friends.

What are you most proud of her for? Its probably a tie between who she is as a mom & what she is doing to be a doctor.

Who has more siblings? We both have two full sibs, but I win if we count halvsies. She has two brothers - one older, one younger & I have two sisters - one & two years older, and two younger half-sisters and one older unknown (adopted at birth) half sister.

Who wears the pants in the family? The little Monkey Boy.

Monday, June 16

Wedding Belles & Bois

Hats off to all the California couples that will be streaming and stumbling to the Alter over the next few months!!! Tonight at 5:01 pacific time I intend to raise a glass of the best bubbly grape or apple juice to toast you and all of us who are NOW officially & legally married in yet another great state in this Union of Ours. I am not sure if this means that Emily & I have gotten ourselves YET ANOTHER Wedding Anniversary (May 27, 2001; Sept. 07-08, 2006) not too mential all the "lesbian" anniversaries that we have (First Date, First Kiss et all).

Below ... some wedding photos --- ah memories

Em and I in Sept 2006 getting ready for our second wedding, but first "legal" one.

Daniel (Em's baby brother) got officiated by the state of MA so he was able to perform our MA wedding - not quite the same as the big to do in May 01 with 100 guests and family members but this one got me health insurance!!!

Thursday, June 12


Playing with our favorite little land-lady at the park on Hancock St.
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Wednesday, June 11

crib ...

Okay I admit that its a really bad picture, but what you are seeing is the lil monkey Taking a Nap In His BED for the VERY FIRST TIME since em took the rail off of his crib. Mabel woke him up about 45 minutes later - but I'm still calling it a success.
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Monday, June 9

Trip to the Pond = Part One

We all (Jeff, Me, Alex, Kath & our respective kids) piled into the cars Monday morning and headed out to a pond-lake out by Walden Pond, but not Walden pond. It was a bit buggy but good swimming & wading.

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Trip to the Pond - Part Two

When we got back to the parking lot from our morning at the pond I saw that Jeff had a flat tire. - He wasn't totally surprised at first because he had had a slow leak before.

But when we realized that Alex's car ALSO had a flat tire we began to wonder how we had such bad luck between us. Luckily BOTH cars had their spares in place and Jeff was a whiz at changing BOTH tires quickly & pretty painlessly in the 90 degree heat. He didn't even complain at all.
I found it easiest to just stay out of the way and sing songs to the kids as we waited to get on our way.
When we got home & looked at the tires it turned out that they had BOTH HAD THEIR VALVES SCLICED OFF. Someone is up for some really bad karma - can you imagine ... vandalizing two cars both with 2 car seats in them on a 90 degree day.
We owe Jeff a big batch of cookies.

Saturday, June 7

Hello Harvard, Hello Summer

It's reunion time on the harvard campus and apparently that means SPRINKLERS get turned on. Kristen & I found this spot as we were bringing the kids home from playing at the playground on Oxford St. It required a stop & strip as you can see. Yeah for waterparks!!!
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Friday, June 6

The Good, The Bad, The Beautiful


When last I posted we were on our way out of town for a weekend with the Grandparents and Uncle Dan, Aunt "Gia" (Gina) and Cousin Queen of the Known World Farah. We had a great time even though the weather was a bit fussy on Saturday. We got poured on at the Farmers Market, but made up for it by getting a tour of the Great Barrington Fire Station - where the monkey & his cuz got to climb into one of the firetrucks (AWESOME). Sunday's weather was much better and we got out to a park-playground and even made a stop at the outlet mall on the way home. This was the beginning of a BIG FAMILY week because on Thursday Phancy (The Grandparents - Phil & Nancy) came to Boston/Cambridge for Gia's graduation from Harvards Kennedy School - where we got to enjoy a Big Family Party at the Red Fez in the South End, A Graduation Speech by JK Rowling - which was televised for those of us who didn't get tickets for the actual graduation (graduates only get 2) - Another Family dinner on Friday at Pepper Sky Thai Sensation (one of our favorite places for TakeOut) - SWIMMING at the New Marriot's Pool - the lil Monkey got to go a couple of times. And just lots and lots of playing with Grandma, Grandpa et al.


When we got home from the Shire weekend - Jeff our upstairs neighbor & landlord met us at the door to tell us that he had spent the morning getting the mountain bike i had found into PERFECT running order and that with the new front tire it rode like a dream. This was the second "salvaged" bike that he had generously spent time fixing up for me. The first one I got last year from the police auction, but when we got it rideable I realized it was about an inch too long for me and not comfortable (or safe) for me to ride. So this second bright yellow univega was going to be my summer ride. Unfortunatly - when Jeff went to put his daughter down for her nap - Someone came into our yard and stole BOTH the bicycles that he had just been working on. So the too big mountain bike and the univega were gone....

THE Beautiful-

Since two bikes were stolen and we have renters insurance.... I now have a new beautiful baby...
A used K2 Bayside -- comfort style hybrid. It fits me and I really like riding it!!!!