Friday, October 29

Grandma & Grandpa are coming

and here is the boy waiting for the BART train to take us to SFO to pick them up. He is soooo sooo excited to show off his new Berkeley Hills house, and to get to go trick or treating with them. Hopefully we will have some good weather mixed in with the weekends rain.

Tuesday, October 26

My trip to the coin -op

or what I did with my ME time today. Comforters can fit in the laundromat dryers!

Monday, October 25

Post Call

Em had her first call shift at the New Job - she left the boy and I Sunday afternoon at the OctoPretzel show at Ashkenaz . We were very sad to see her go and had to come home and cook a fancy dinner to make ourselves feel better. But the upside is that the next day after a nice adventure day morning at Habitot and LHS we got to have lunch and a WHOLE afternoon in Mommy's company.

This meant flying kites at the Marina....

Adventure Day - Packing it In

while em was home sleeping R. and I headed out for a double adventure morning. We started by heading down to Habitot which was totally crazy since rain had been predicted for the morning. We ran into mama Chelsea and Jude from our preschool as we got there. We started in the ART area and played with some silly putty/gak type stuff and then headed to the shuttle....

The NASA space shuttle and accompying costumes was a big hit with the boy as always. Then to round out our science morning we headed up to Lawrence Hall of Science to ride the rollercoaster exhibit and we even got to see rainbows in the fountain outside.

Then we got to meet up with Mommy for sandwiches and kite flying at the Marina - yeah.

Sunday, October 24

Friday, October 15

Monday, October 4

Boy's obsession with Polyphonic Spree Begins

Its the sun

Em and the boy enjoy a rousing chorus of Hey Its the Sun....
He has begun singing more and more (as well as louder and louder). Current faves are Polyphonic Spree, Florence and the Machine and LadyGAGA (bad romance) as well as the old standbye kids music songs - riding in the car car and wheels on the bus anyone?
It's very cute until about the 14th or 15th time and then wears off a bit. But em is a great sport singing full force with him, starting and stopping, and playing the same two songs over and over and over and over in the car.

Friday, October 1

It Gets Better

Here is a clip of Dan Savage & His Husband Terry - this is directed at queer and questioning teens & other young folk who feel like they are ready to give up on life cause the shit is JUST TOO MUCH. I wasn't even really bullied in High School but I still feel that Alison Kelly (without knowing it) literally saved my life on at least one occasion cause it just sucked so much. Bette Midler also gets some credit since her recording of I Shall be Released was my morning fight song.

This project - It gets better - is becoming a huge collection of video entries of encouragement. & I don't know if it will help some kid somewhere - but I pray that it does. Cause it does get different & it does get better & there are other places to live where you can find how to be yourself and there is a whole crew of other survivors out there who are going to be your family & help you through.