Friday, July 28

12 Years Today

Too Darn Hot...

I am barely able to think... it is just too hot for me out on this coast - although I hear it was bad
in SF last week too - but now the fog is back and the cold weather people are happily in their element again. I went to a zoo this am with Monito & grandpa Phil & little sea turtle (Farah) - the best thing they had going on was a fog machine cooling fan - it was like one of those regular stand up fans but hooked up to ice or something so cold steam came out of it... both monkey boy & I were totally in love.
(I also liked the baby jaguars too.)

Saturday, July 22


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A Cry

Despite the photo - Riley really does like riding in the car - just as long as its moving. He's been out to the Berkeshires 3 times now and tooled around Cambridge quite a bit. Daddy R has driven the car twice so far --- one of the shire trips and a big 2 block jaunt to the service station.

We are of course avoiding the tunnels (can't imagine how that could happen ? look here) in fact Em has been on her bike most of this weekwhich has been complicated by the thunderstorms and the watermain break - all that and a 24 hour shift too -- ahh life couldn't be better Posted by Picasa

Is it a laugh or a cry ???

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Monito Siesta

Here you see our little monkey enjoying a lay down in his Costa Rican Hammock. He was the first to test it out since we only had a little bit of room on the deck right now- its filled with a table, the dog crate, a stroller etc etc. Also I figured let the 10 pounder be the initial weight tester before I throw my bulk in there. As you can tell by the shut-eye mr. monito was not complaining. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 12

Enjoying the Mozart

This past weekend Emily had call so little Monito, Mabel and Mommy-Daddy Rachael all headed out to the "shire" (The Berkeshires) to have a weekend with grandma-grandpa Phancy (Phil and Nancy) and Grandma-Grandma Anne. Riley had a lot of firsts... first time in the car with Rachael Driving (scary), first weekend away without momma emmy, first time in the pool... but only his toes cause that alone was enough to make him SCREAM. First outing to Tanglewood (courtesy of G.Ma Anne - thankyou) .. which was also his first concert --- he worked on holding his neck up to enjoy the music as you can see. He also got to meet Liz and Iya from Portland because in keeping up with our tradition of vacationing together - inadvertantly... they were in the shire this weekend as well. Last year we all ran into each other at Doe Bay on Orcas Island. Posted by Picasa