Sunday, August 28

Missed Brunch

Was supposed to get another bois' brunch together for this am but I became Not Up For it... I spend a week totally obsessing on all things conception then started to bleed & now I don't want to talk to anyone any more... I guess that's not surprising but it feels very selfish... like now I am going to pull the entire world into my 2 week by two week rotation around the ovulation sun...I feel a lot of pressure since we are pretty decided that there will be one more try in this round and then we will take the reasses things break for 3 - 6 months before we come back to baby makin' stuff again - .... and at my age that probably means this is it.

Tuesday, August 23

One in the morning & I am on line

Well that really says it all doesn't it -I am going back & forth between being convinced i am & being convinced I am not...Jeez I don't like this part so much

Wednesday, August 10

Tired, and got ants in my pants

Tomorrow we go on vacation - YEAH!!!, but before we go we will do insemination #2.I expect we will pick up the spermies in the early afternoon, inseminate around 4pmand fly out around 8.That's a big day...

Sunday, August 7

Playing the waiting game

So I am in another of the two week by two week holding patterns. I don't know why this whole process makes me so crazy but it does. Today I started doing ovulation tests to lead up to Thursday whenI think we should be trying insemination number two. Of course we are leaving town on Thursday as well so it makes me a little stressed that the timing is so tight. Anyway - I am making excel charts to pinpoint when a positive LH surge signals a likely ovulation.

I think I am crazy