Monday, August 31

Goodbye Party at Hoyt

A Juggler came to the playground this morning to do an end of summer show for the kids. It was a special treat for a couple of the boys who were leaving day care and going off to school (Dia & Mathew).

It was fun to have a little party & the monkey & Gabe enjoyed it to since they are also getting ready to start school in a few days. It seems like this summer just flew by & now all these little three year olds are off to preschool.


Friday, August 28

Kemp Playground Re-opened

A slideshow from todays trip to the newly renovated playground in Harvard Square...

Cambridge Common Playground

The playground up by Harvard Square (& the boys new school) re-opened today

--- this is the totally cool gate with a kid size door that opens up if you push the shovel.

Monito & Gabe LOVED playing with the blocks that were spread out in diff't parts of the playground

and climbing on the AWESOME pirate ship.
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Wednesday, August 19

NY Times Article...

When Parents Scream Against Ice Cream
Published: August 18, 2009

Today's NY Times Story.... here

Rachael R of Cambridge, Mass., called the ice cream truck “the music truck,” convincing her 3-year-old son that it was playing “The Entertainer” simply to entertain. But he soon got wise when he saw the other children walking away from the truck, their faces smeared with chocolate and vanilla, their hands filled with ice cream cones.
Ms. Reiley didn’t mind buying him a treat, occasionally. But the truck — called Here’s Frosty — parks outside her door on most sunny days around 4:30 p.m. and wakes her son from his nap. “Then he’s up, plastered against the window, yelling: ‘Music truck! Music truck!’ ” Ms. Reiley said. “Sometimes he grabs his little bank and says, ‘I have money.’ ”
As a new mother, she said, people coach you on potty training and what to feed your child. “But the ice cream truck, nobody ever mentions that,” she said.

Wednesday, August 5

Climbing Tip Toe for Sunset

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Tip Toe Mountain Sunset

After dinner we headed out to watch the sunset from the top of TipToe Mountain

the kids all did really good on the hike up the hill - I did okay too

Yep I think it was worth the death defying climb....

Happy Em on vaca...

and the kids get ready to head back down - I think we
promised them Ice Cream

Blueberry Picking

Alex took us offroading to find some primo blueberry picking

Monito does a taste test

Jack prefers his straight from the bucket...

Sunday, August 2

You Just Wanna Get Nekkid Here

This is the scene that we woke to on our first full day on Alex's Island of wonders

The view from her mom's house

Nekkid porch play

Another shot of the kayak friendly inlet in front of the house

and a shot looking back at the house

Saturday, August 1

Ferry Ride -

The start to our Maine Vacation - a foggy ferry ride from Rockport to Vinallhaven Island.

He really didn't like the fog horn that the ferry had to blow every 10 minutes or so...

Looks more like summer in San Francisco than summer in New England - we were a bit worried about what this meant for the vacation - but we didn't need to be.

Yours truly on the ferry.