Tuesday, September 27

Momma gets breakfast

Chicken & Waffles at Aunt Mary's ---9.27
This was one of the rare mornings where my errands took me out of the immediate neighborhood which in turn became a great excuse for treating myself to breakfast - and since I had a half off coupon for aunt Mary's ... well lets just say Chicken and Waffles here I come. It was a nice treat to sit outside on their deck and enjoy a few minutes of quiet over coffee & yummy food. Maybe I will get to bring Em here sometime.

Monday, September 26

Right before the fire alarm went off...

On Monday mornings the kids all gather in one classroom for Havdalla (to say goodbye to the weekend) - this week was going along swimmingly until the smoke from the candle set off the fire alarms. But I got to see how good everyone was at lining up and marching out of the classroom to the meeting spot - and then FOUR firetrucks came. The kindergarten kids loved it. I was just glad that it wasn't raining.

Thursday, September 22

Reunion at Mills

Spent bits and peices of the weekend out at Mills since this was the class of '86 Twenty-Five year reunion (really how can that be) - it also was the installation of the new President (who I think is gonna rock!) It is weird that reunion is mainly a bunch of folks that I don't know AT ALL along with Chris Daniels - but in the Mills Spirit they took me into their group and made me feel welcome and a part of which was really sweet.

Missed Deb and Rissa for sures though