Thursday, October 6

Happy New Year & Welcome to "Morning" Sickness

Well I am six weeks now (4 weeks developmental) and I'm feeling kinda crappy. At Rosh Hosh services I kept going wow I feel kinda yucky each time we stood up & sat down & stood up & sat down ... and that night I could barely sleep - just felt super yuckers - and I was like "am I having cramps - no not cramps" "Is this gas? - nope not gas" and finally I realized I felt like I feel when Emily makes - ok encourages me to do something like whale watching or deep sea fishing & I'm like Oh... I feel totally naseaus.... that's what this is.

So I took a long bath at 3 in the morning and finally got to sleep.

Here's whats going on with Blasto.... there are limb buds where the arms & legs are gonna be & a layer of skin is forming.

The brain is seperating into 3 sections - "the forebrain, midbrain and hindbrain. The forebrain consists of lobes that translate input from the senses, and will be responsible for memory formation, thinking, reasoning, problem solving. The midbrain will serve as a relay station, coordinating messages to their final destination. The hindbrain will be responsible for regulating the heart, breathing and muscle movements".

Blasto is making eyes -
"Retinal disc presses outward and touches the surface ectoderm. In response the ectoderm proliferates forming the lens disc. Specific parts of the eye, such as the retina, the future pigment of the retina and the optic stalk are identifiable."

Organs are all developing & the heart & liver combined are the same size as blasto's head. Blood is somehow circulating even though there aren't heart valves yet. The lungs are just starting.

The embryo is folded up into a three dimensional shape & the somite pairs are going to start turning into bones & muscle.

Sunday, October 2


Stage 11
Thirteen to Twenty Somite Pairs, Rostral Neuropore Closes, Optic Vesicle Appears, Two Pharyngeal Arches Appear
2.5 - 3.0 mm
23 - 25 days post-ovulation

Thirteen to twenty pairs of somites are present in Stage 11 and the embryo is shaped in a modified S curve. The embryo has a bulb-like tail and a connecting stalk to the developing placenta.
A primitive S-shaped tubal heart is beating and peristalsis, the rhythmic flow propelling fluids throughout the body, begins. However, this is not true circulation because blood vesel development is still incomplete.
At this stage, the neural tube determines the form of the embryo. Although the primary blood vessels along the central nervous system are connecting in Stage 11, the central nervous system appears to be the most developed system. If twenty somites are present in the embryo, the forebrain is completely closed.