Thursday, July 29

Teaching Gma Anne how to ITouch

We met Grandma Anne in Lennox for a little shopping and then a nice dinner. The boy decided to give her a lesson on how to play "Angry Birds", Matching and Puzzles on the Touch ...

She was a pretty quick study but I think he is going to hang onto his high score.

Sunday, July 11

Vaca Starts - Nantucket

We have all gotten through graduation, packing, pod-ing, garage sale-ing, and are ready for our summer vacation to start.

We didn't have too much traffic on the ride to Hyannis where we waited for our car ferry to take us to Nantucket -

here we are all car-qued up and about to get on the ferry.

... and here we are enjoying the quiet of Carolyn & Ben's lovely guest "cottage"

let the leisure begin.

Monday, July 5

Shire 4th of July

the boy had been getting pretty bored just hanging out with his momma's - lucky for him Alex, Ted and Jack came out to the shire to spend the 4th with us. Everyone spent LOTS of time in the pool, lots of eating and lots of playing of the momma mommy ball.
Em took everyone out to see the fireworks too -