Thursday, May 29

Bye Bye Xan (and Emily & Bill)

Our friends from the new moms group at Eitz Chayim - that turned into mama coffee at Andala that turned into Thursday happy hour playgroup have gotten a great job in CA - so its off to Davis. We wish them well and hope to see them on the other coast.
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Monday, May 26

Petting Zoo

Looking into the pens ...
there were sheep, baby goats....
2 calves and even a litter of piglets!
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This is the barn

at Shelbourne Farm in VT
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Trying Out the Big Beds

at Ike@
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Birthday Boy

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Biker Boy

Here he is trying out the new trike right before his birthday.

So far he is really good at sitting on it and at ringing the bell. He hasn't got the concept behind pedalling yet, but he was working on it some this weekend in VT when he tried out his buddy Sammy's bike.

All in all we are doing well - The B'day festivities were great & followed by a nice mothers day with family. Then we had some time hanging with Em since she is working nights and gets to play with us in the mornings. This past weekend we ran away to VT. for the long holiday.
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Wednesday, May 14

2 Year Check Up

Well I was sad that we weren't going to be seeing Dr. C. this time cause I had really liked her on all of our previous visits, but today we had our first FAMILY visit with our new Doc at BMC. Em spent the first 15 minutes in the lobby doing all of the paperwork (ha ha --- I got out of it this time - and she had to do the copay too. Double ha ha). The doctor checked in with me first - mainly just a rundown of my existing Rx's and giving her the sad news that I think I have the beginnings of arthritis in my knuckles (way big yucky!!! - Started during the really cold weather this winter). Then we got to the fun part which was Monito's check in & check up.
She did a good job distracting him with Elmo while she checked his heart and lungs & he got to run about and show off his great smarts and agility for her - my only question was really about how to deal with his ongoing dandruff... not a very serious issue - oh well. Lastly she got to encourage Em to actually try to take care of herself - a tall order for someone who can't get out of the hospital long enough to see a doctor. There was something nice about us all getting seen by one doc as a "unit" - it felt good to have someone realizing that his sleep effects our sleep and em's schedule & stress has effects on all of us. Anyways I'm not being to clear - suffice to say I think I like the family doctor concept... So without FURTHER ADO - here are his stats:

Head - 50 cm

Weight - 25 lbs (seriously thats all - I think Kingston is probably heavier) This puts him in the 15th Percentile... around where he has been all along.

Length - 36 Inches - Yup 3' Tall - That popped him up to the 90th Percentile !!!!! (according to some online doohiky this means that he'll be 6' 1" when he's grown)

Wednesday, May 7

Happy Birthday

All I can say is my boy was born to ride & here's his first set of wheels!!!!
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Tuesday, May 6

Walking with Grandpa & Stefan

Grandpa Eldon was in town for the HLS reunion & the lil monkey got to spend some nice time with him & Stefan (who he now loves). We got to go to a way past bedtime dinner at the red house in Harvard Square, then dinner at Grafton Park Pub - also in the square. Mommy & Mama got to go to Oleana (yum!!!!) and on Sunday Grandpa & S. came to our house - checked out the park in back and went to Irish Brunch at the Druid up in Inman. We also stopped in at Bird by Bird & scored a cute Ape T-shirt for the little monkey.

All in all a nice time. Of course the weather cleared up the day after the guys flew back to SF.
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Friday, May 2

One More Reason Why it Sucks to Be Gay

Actually 600 reasons - yep thats the difference in $$'s between what we will get dropped into our bank account from the Feds vs. the amount that we would be getting if our MA marriage was "recognized". So am I bitter ---- silly question right. Add this to the demeaning treatment you get at the customs/immigration booth (which one of you is his real mother- we both are assh*le), to the difficulty in filing taxes when you have to create a joint return to file in either MA or CA and then Re-Do your return to file Federal Taxes, oh and also the fact that the online tax services won't even let you file the CA State return - nope you need to go into H&R B#llsh#ts office and pay a ton more to file a joint CA return - even though they've known all year that domestics were going to be asked to file as married in CA.

So if some lawyers want to contact me (hi Jaime) I think I am a GREAT plaintiff for a gay marriage lawsuit based on the economic discrepancy caused by not being seen as a married taxpayer.

Thursday, May 1


Monito and Farah enjoying a sunny weekend.

Monito and Lila peeking through the "kitchen window" at our park
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