Sunday, February 28

H2 Chinese New Year

On sunday we went to Harvard Square to see the Cambridge Lunar New Year Celebrations - Em dropped me and the boy infront of Peets where we got up close and personal with the Lion Dancers and then drove around for 45 minutes looking for parking. Finally we had to pretty much give up and go to the library instead.

Friday, February 26

shopping list:

Right side up - Milk... sideways
Butter (spelled with an upside down U and a "laying down R")
- these are what we needed to make cookies.

Wednesday, February 24

Family Day for Farah at School

Farah invited R. to be her guest at "family week" this wed at her school. It was torrential out so we splurged and took a cab ride to the school where Farah and a classmate came skipping down the hallways to pick us up and escort us to her classroom. R. sat infront of the pre-Kindergarten class and took questions about what it is like to be a cousin. I bolstered him up. Then we got to join in for choice time....

We chose coloring. R. and Farah were so cute working together on their projects. He made a rocket ship with fire (surprise) and she made a book of drawings about princesses (surprise). Then we went with the class to the school library for storytime. R sat still through two stories on the family theme (both about dads, sort of ironical I thought)

Then we said our goodbyes and headed to Inman Sq for a 1369 Brownie treat (and coffee) and a board game.


Saying Bye Bye

well it turns out that the gas smell in our apartment wasn't just in my (or Adam's or Alex's) imagination. Our lovely old stove had a tiny bit of a leak in one of the burners. Jeff couldn't find a replacement part so we had to say goodbye to this lovely relic and move into the 2010's with a new fancy new oven and stove.

Monday, February 22

MoS Adventure Day

We had another Museum of Science Adventure Day. Did some digging, some building, some computer screening... all in all a good time.

Friday, February 19

Central Square Adventure Day

Sometimes for adventure day we just stick close to home. Here are a few shots from this weeks Adventure Day Central Square.

Here he is looking VERY smug as he takes the lead yet again in a rousing game of Chutes and Ladders at 1369 - our fave local coffee house

Blue skies over city hall..... and

jumping up and down at the city hall doors - playing with his shadow.

Making "molucules"

It was a rainy day out today but the boy and I had some good fun at the local branch library playing with a box of dots and toothpicks and "making molecules" like Eric & Gabe learned how to at MIT.

our rocket ship!!!

Sunday, February 7

Farah's Turning FIVE


Farah returned to the YMCA to celebrate her 5th & what a great time!!!!

There was CAKE

There was cousins!!!

There was Air Hockey with the cousins.

There was Grandma & Grandpa (and a little bit of booty dancing)

and even a candy filled pinata.