Monday, July 23

Cape cod photos

Whats been going on ...

Well wow the kid is tied up in his baby seat eating his morning O's I figured I would do a quick update. We just got back from a week in Cape Cod with Em's Folks and her Brother, Sis (in Law) and Neice - a few video clips are posted below and we've got a ton of photos up on a picassa web album at .

He is walking like a total champ at this point and hardly crawls at all anymore. He has learned to THROW A FIT and he is working on language possibly tossing off words like: no, up, off, cheese, Rachael, Mabel, woof and the like.

He still loves Saag Paneer and has FINALLY developed a liking for Ice Cream (we were starting to worry), but he eats very little fruit.... no berries -even fresh off the vine, no melon, no peaches, no citrus... A little Apple is about it.

We spend a lot of time with the Cambridgeport Boys Brigade - Gabe, Xander, Nick, Seth (even though he has moved to JP) and Harriet when she gets over from her home in almost Somerville. We also see cuzin Farah quite often - she is crazzzy and sassy - a lot of fun to be around but a lot of energy too. We miss Lori's Boys like crazy & wish them well as they head to Birmingham.

We should be seeing Shari & Lisa & Emma this week... I am looking forward to that. Missing home & Missing Friends....

Sunday, July 22

Friday, July 6

New Post....

So I haven't written any news in awhile, its all been photo's & videos and stuff. That's a sign of how BUSY I've been feeling (& how awake the baby is... He doesn't let me type if he's up.) So right now the lil monkey is napping & I am listening to a WEIRD radio broadcast that our friends Lily & Eric are supposed to be on, but until they appear it is just that bad kind of morning radio talk that I HATE --- lots of so gay comments & things about women doing farm animals....

Anyways on to whats up with US...

Em finished Intern Year - and everyone says that things will improve in this second year - I am hoping that's going to be true. So far its been good - she has been doing a new clinic shift where she's had a couple afternoons off and gets to sleep more when she is on overnight call. (More in this case means some --- she gets a couple of hours in a 26 or 27 hour period as opposed to the NO sleep that she generally got on Labor & Delivery Call.) The good thing about this is that her post call day can be partially spent with us doing stuff & not just catching up on her sleep.

Monito is doing TONS of new things -

He started walking right after I got back from SF, and he spends each day
perfecting his technique - it is so cool to watch & he is VERY proud of

He has also learned to ring the little bicycle bell on cousin Farrah's tryke
when he is riding on it (he sits & we push).

Em thinks that he is talking now... I am not so sure, but she says she's
heard him use the words - "Cheese" when asking for & eating
cheese, "doggie" for Mabel - He definitley says "Woof" to mabel (& sometimes to Aunt Jenny), He has said "baby" as he touched his own chest.

He Naps in his crib most days - but he's been dumping the morning nap on a
lot of days and just powering through on one shortish nap.

He can make a couple of signs - he has done "milk/nurse" for awhile, but it looks a lot like waving hi - so I don't know what he wants a lot of the time, but now he has started signing "MORE" & uses it correctly - turns out he likes Ice Cream after all - he signs more, more, more - just like when he is eating Saag Paneer.

He can drink out of a grown up cup if you hold it for him, and he can also drink from a straw - He learned in SF when I was using up last years Jamba Juice Gift Card.

He is climbing up things - mainly stairs, but sadly he can't climb down. (Poor evolutionary planning I think).

Now that he can balance & stand up pretty good on his own, He is working on his DANCING - for blues music he sticks his bumm out and bends down to the rhythm, for Gaelic Folk he tends to shimmer & do a lot of hand movements... more to be discovered on this front & I'll try to get some video soon.

ME - I loved being able to get out to SF and see so many people, I only wish I could be in a couple of places at once cause I really missed Em when we were on the left coast. The travelling went pretty good, the babe was AMAZING & made it pretty easy on me. Now we are getting ready for a lot of left coasters who are coming East and going to try and squeeze in summer visits with us. I am so excited - you all know that I am missing my friends & family so much - even though I've met some really great folks out here. Speaking of that - Lori & her family have left Cambridge now & moved onto Fellowship in Birmingham Alabama ---- I went by her house to grab some stuff right after getting back from SF & it was so sad to see it all empty ... their house was my main refuge this past 6 months or so cause since Colin is a doc too she totally got the absent spouse thingy.

Okay I think thats the update for now....