Saturday, July 18

Tuesday, July 14


Ok I realize that this is a ridicoulously late post for 4th of July.... but here is the boy-o poolside (note the fancy poolside clothes) learning to play with fire from his uncles - we like to think of them as the good-role-model pair ... Uncle makes-big-farts and Uncle pants-unzipped-at-the-park-again.
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Saturday, July 4

Cousins at Jacob's Pillow

We all headed out to Jacob's Pillow to see what the big kids in the Hip-Hop Class had been getting up to. I think Olivia was especially into it since it was a bit like HighSchool Musical comes alive in the woods. The show was free & outdoors & for families - so we couldn't have planned a better place to go on the 4th really. We brought Grandma Anne's leftovers from Lunch (there was Lots!!) and camped ourselves out. It was pretty awesome. The lil Monkey rocked it when the dancers started jamming to Stevie Wonder Master-Blaster.

Friday, July 3


So you can't really tell because this is a Phone photo - but the sky is really grey/white & foggy as if I took this picture in SF in the summer & not in Boston-Cambridge. The weather has not warmed up really - or at least not dried off - I think its raining every single day with little breaks on the weekends. It's making it really hard to do stuff outside - I can never tell when we are about to get drenched. At least I can't complain about 90 degree heat & humidity.

Thursday, July 2

July Rain

It continues... July Rain storm - I guess 30 days of rain in June just wasn't enough.

Wednesday, July 1

Dance Dance Re-volution

You may wonder how we celebrate Gay/Lesbian/Tg Pride week when we are so far from home... well its dance party - rave in the kitchen thats how....

Now just put on the 80's disco music & enjoy the photos

Things get even crazier when you turn out the lights and add a glow stick or two...