Thursday, February 22

Like Mother Like Son

Here is a shot of the lil monkey as we waited for his pediatrician last week.
As you can see he is already examining the "tools of the trade" - I
think he really wanted to examine his own ears but couldn't figure out
how to get the darned scope off of the wall.

I continue to be more and more amazed by him every day - it is indescribably fun to watch him as he discovers the world around him and responds by making some type of dolphin inspired sound. This past weekend he got to meet Jaime & Kathryn (finally) and then we are off to another visit to SF --- he is beginning to show more "attachment" to us - crying when Em or I leave him - even if its just leaving the room... The SF trip should be interesting - hopefully he'll still be up for spreading the love.
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Tuesday, February 13

9 Month Check Up & Valentines Note

The plan was for my mommies to dress me up and take an adorable photo of me that would then be printed out and sent to you all so you could put me up on your fridge and think of me every morning when you put cream chese on your bagel... but then I got the conjunctivities in my eye (thanks emily) and a runny nose (thanks rachael) and a bump on my face (thanks to both of you who just commented as a I fell onto the office rug - good going moms!!!) - So instead of the fancy professional looking photo card you're getting this online update instead. But feel free to print it out and stick it on your fridge...

I am happy to announce that I am 9 Months (& 6 days old) and besides a couple of drops as I am trying to learn how to walk and some chocking on Cherios as I was learning how to eat my moms haven't managed to break me YET!

I continue to enjoy all types of music - from the electronica Motzart that plays on my swinging chair & orchestra cube to the rockin' tunes on Cousin Olivia's B'day CD and all the music that the moms play whenever we get into the car and drive to the Berkeshires - I am working on Dancing as I practice my standing and it just makes the music all the better. I also have developed a taste for a good sing - a - long thanks to the 2 months of swim classes that I took with cousin Farah at our local Y. Every monday for about 8 weeks we met up and got into the pool with our moms and sang ABC's, Old McDonald, Wheels on the bus & my personal favorite "The Grand Old Duke of York"

In other news - I still dont want to crawl. It's all about the walking which I am sure to do in the next few months - practice continues to go well (except that face plant on the office rug that I alluded to earlier.). Eating is also going well - except I don't like that spoon shoved in my mouth anymore & I am only going to eat what I can pick up and feed myself. Moms are a little frustrated by this and Rachael is especially sad since she's got 3 ice cube trays full of smashed foods that I won't eat now. Cest La Vie & bring on the chese & crackers!!!

I have been doing a lot of travelling. I've flown cross country 3 times now visiting SF and Seattle/Portland (including a nice train trip on the Coast Starlight Train) as well as a flight down to Florida to Visit Great Grandma Anne and then take a trip to Key West. I also spend A Lot of time in the car seat - taking many trips up to the Berkeshires to escape from the city & spend time with the Moms as well as with the grandparents Newfield - I've also made a couple trips to Nanuet for the Jewish New Year and for Cousin Olivia's Birthday party. I am heading out to SF again at the end of Feb for another whirlwind week and Rachael is threatening to bring me out in June as well.

As most of you know I am making some good friends here in Cambridge - I've met a group of boys close to my age and we meet up with our moms on Mondays at a local coffee shop - I especially like playing with Nick (11 Months), Xander & Seth (10 Months), Gabe (8 months), & Harriet (she's a girl - oh & she's got 2 moms too!!!) (7 months). I also spend a lot of time with cousin Farah & her folks and with her neighbors Cristopher & Conner & their mom Lori

It really feels like these 9 months have just flown by - all this growing and learning and feeling really keeps a kid busy

--- so for anyone keeping track the latest stats are

---- Weight 17 lb 14 oz (buck naked) (8 kg)

---- Height 28 inches (72 cm)

---- Head 45 cm

I Hope you all have the sweetest of Valentines Days

Saturday, February 10


Boy tried some bread at Grandma & Grandpa's
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Newfie Blues

Despite the impossibility Blasto does seem to have the Newfield Blue Eyes....

(Newf (aka Dan), Olivia, Mr. Monito, & Em)

People are saying more and more that he looks like me... I don't really see it & neither does Em. He does look like my dad as a baby to me - and I would post the picture to prove it but my dad said he would write me out of the will if I put his baby picture on the internet. When I visit Em's folks and look at baby pictures of cousin Mathew I think he & our little monkey look alike too - but I think that may just be a way that very pretty little boys look at this age.

He is just so bright & alert and happy that it kills me. We got really, really lucky on the baby temperment with this guy (something that surprises both me & em every day). Even this week while we deal with conjunctivities and a cold at the same time he is still being sweet & cute when he is awake.

I can't believe its been 9 months already ... and he is standing & sitting & eating & hugging & laughing & maybe getting some teeth - like the t-shirt says He is a Rock Star.
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Blasto enjoys hangin with his cousins.
We all travelled down to Ct. to enjoy Olivia's 3rd Birthday Party and to have a pre-party for Farah's 2nd. A good time was had by all - how could we not with 3 birthday cakes in 2 days????
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