Friday, September 28

Call Me

operators standing by ....

At the Appl* Store

Em was trying to get her I-p#d fixed, (they couldnt' do it) so the monkey & I played with the new phones. Sent myself this picture on the Apple Store Dime

Thursday, September 20

L'Shanah Tovah

A very happy New Year to everyone who's keeping track of these things. Of Course, my new year post is a bit tardy. We were on the road for the head of the holiday. First visiting with our friends Julia & Eli in Ocean Grove NJ (right next to Asbury Park, of Springsteen fame)

A shot of Eli at his Grandma's.

Next we took the train up to Nanuet NY (this entailed 2 changes along the way) for holidays with the family, which of course included another train ride, but this one was a bit more fun. The lil monkey learned a few new tricks from the G-Parents - he said Grandpa, and Zebra, he learned that saying "car, car, car" over & over again will get him 15 minutes on grandpa's lap honking the horn in the driveway, & he had his first trip to T*ys R *s.

We got home on Sunday Night just in time to welcome Jean & Carol to our house as they returned from Flo's wedding in Northampton. We got to spend some time wandering around Harvard & eating ice cream before sending them back west. Now we are tired from all this vacationing & its time to start preparing for fall.

Monday, September 10

Friday, September 7

Monkey & Mama

Our little Bobo posing with the Gorilla sculpture at the zoo.

It's been a pretty busy couple of weeks. Em is on Nights which has thrown off the sleep schedule (ha ha) in our house. Monito had dropped to a single mid-day nap, but most of this week he skipped napping altogether which meant he fell into bed exhausted around 7:30 or 8 pm - kinda like a regular baby. The good part is that he still slept till late in the morning which is what's important to me.

We spent the Labor Day weekend in the Shire with much of the Newfie clan -- R picked up a few new words - "Truck" "Grandma" "Farah" ... he got to spend some time in the pool & got to go to the big outdoor sing-a-long in Great Barrington. We also went to a county fair where there were Sheeps & Goats to be petted and flying pigs... Okay they were diving pigs, but that's still pretty impressive.

We are still going to the parks a couple of times a day ... it can't decide if its summer or fall here - a few days were cool - you know like around 75 degrees - then today it was back to full on sticky hot.

Lil Monkey got a new Cousin

Jamaique's baby boy has arrived! He was born Aug. 29th. at 12:03 pm. 9 lbs!!!! 21 1/2 " tall.....and cute as a bugs ear!
Rumor is he may be going by "Kingston" but that has yet to be confirmed.