Thursday, July 31

Vacation Days

So we are up in the Shire & actually spending time together as a family - it almost feels weird, especially after having spent so much time away from Em when the boy & I were out in SF earlier this month. I have been able to float in the pool, read a whole book, update my paper journal, and take a few nice naps.

The boy has: sung the entire ABC song (correctly one time) by himself, swam the ENTIRE length of the swimming pool (length not width) with the help of a swim-vest by himself, had a few good naps, charmed the stockings off of his Great-Grandma Anne, and gotten crushed out on Uncle Chuck as well as Unka Richie.

Emily is actually laughing, reading a big back log of New Yorkers, taking some good hikes down by the river (where she is apparently attempting to drown Mabel in the torrential rain spurred rapids) and enjoying our favorite past time at the shire which is eating like hobbits (second breakfast anyone?? elevensies??? tea??)

The house is amazing, the pool is very, very blue and the weather is mostly cooperating.