Tuesday, August 31

Look What Mommy Got

Em and I went shopping while the boy was in school today....

and look at Mommy's new ride...

New School

The boy has had his first couple of days at the NEW school -
and so far he seems to really like it. The school is a coop with mixed age groups (just under 3 up to 5) up in the hills above Kensington. He will be going 3 days a week - tues through thur.

Best things so far - The teachers Roland and Martha, The Magna - Tiles and the open door policy with the play yard!!!!

Teacher Roland reads a story to all the kids at the end of the day.
Yeah!!!! skytown has Magna-Tiles!!!!
The kids get to hear a story as they eat lunch

Magna Tiles!!!!

Skytown Nursery School has Magna Tiles - what more could you want!!!

Sunday, August 29

Welcome to Skytown

This afternoon our new school held a welcome potluck and party for all the new and returning families. Along with lots of cute kids, good food (especially deserts!!) and games to play there was this AWESOME bounce-y house.

This puppy had an internal obstacle course, climbing wall and slide!!!!

Someone is looking forward to school.

SM Special on the Menu

We picked up some Thai to go from a place down the street to take over to Mel, Veejay and new baby Thomas and as I left I took a look at the specials menu out front -

Imagine my surprise to see Dungeon Crab - and how do you get leather chaps over all those little claws?

Saturday, August 28

Adventure Playground - Berkeley Marina

Here is another one of our finds as we "adventure day" our way around Berkeley. This one was thanks to Laura, RV and Jasper who invited us out to get dirty and play dangerous. Today we went to the Adventure Playground at the Berkeley Marina. This is a pretty awesome space where kids are invited to get tools, nails, paint and build the playground themselves.

this playspace was created in 1979 & kids and their grownups are invited to construct and deconstruct at will. Jasper showed R. the ropes (as it were) while Laura & Em chatted and Rachel and Rachael got to catch up too.

There is a piano, a zip line, about 20 various forts and things... and just a lot of mess to be made.

Here is a shot of the boy inspecting the "canon" that he & Jasper added onto the "ship"


Guess who loves Tot Land Park?

Tot Land

This afternoon we ventured out and found TOTLAND Playground on Virginia Street.

The playground has lots and lots of toys - diggers, shovels, trikes and scooters - but all in all I think it is probably more for the slightly younger set. The boy did really enjoy climbing around on the big spider web - and I was able to ride along on somebodies wireless from the far corner of the playground!!!

Wednesday, August 25

Mel's Last Morning Pregnant

Melanie dropped in to see us yesterday morning and we were SO excited to see her pregnant because we thought she would have the baby before we got to California. Then today we couldn't get ahold of her & that is because she was giving BIRTH to Thomas Thomas

Saturday, August 7

Here is the boy testing the tent and his sleeping bag. I think he's ready for camping.
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Some scenes from the Family Week Parade

One of the opening events of Family Week in P-Town is the parade on Sunday afternoon. These are some photos of the families as we meandered around town. The boy is pretty excited to be around so many kids - and also to see his friends Asher, Maya and Harriet. It looks like its gonna be a pretty good week.

Sunset Smiles

Herring Cove Beach, Provincetown MA

Cape cod face

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