Saturday, June 26

Duck Boat Tour with Grandma and Grandpa

after Em's big graduation dinner we made plans to go with her folks and brother on a Duck Boat Tour of Boston - this was one of my "bucket list Boston" items - the tours start at the Science Museum - tour around town pointing out many historical sites and then convert to a boat and go right into the Charles River for the last part of the tour.

Our driver was pretty funny - and the tour was actually really informative

but then boating part was TOTALLY the best!!!

Last Month in SF 2006

... offered for comparison

Friday, June 25

Graduation Dinner

Tonight BMC hosted a graduation dinner for the Chief Resident Ob/Gyn class of 2010.

our crew started the evening with some coloring & sticker fun in the foyer as cocktails and appy's were served. It was nice for the boy to have his cousins there to help keep him distracted during the more adult goings-on.

As you can see Dr. Em was bombarded with gifts, cards and congratulations...

Farah & Dan are very excited about the Salmon...

and the dance floor was the cousins own personal playground.
(note the size of the boy in the photo being projected above them)

Arriving in Cambridge 2006

Tuesday, June 22

Last Day of School

At the kids last day of preschool all the parents came in to enjoy a "performance" of them all singing to us followed by a picnic lunch in the play yard. Our boy stood front and center for the performance (you can see him here - back to the crowd) and didn't sing a note!!
They were crazy adorable - I am going to miss GNS very, very much

Wednesday, June 16

GNS Three's Class Picture

Front Row: James, Briac, Harrison, Cece, Daniella, R, Liam and Katherine
Middle Row: Eva, Rachel, Maya, Oliver, Lily, Zoe, Sofia, Max, Isadora
Back: Jen G.
Absent - Elanor

Sunday, June 13

Boston Pride 2010

Boston pride made its wet way through the streets today. We stayed & played with Dan & Farah until the deluge forced us off the streets and into the subway. But we did get to see Dykes on bikes led by Moving Violations, as well as Mayor Menino, Governor Deval Patrick & his daughter who is working tirelessly to drum up youth & queer support for his campaign. Lots of schools, parents, religious groups and even a wet band of Super Hero's.
Then we came home, dried off, made popcorn and watched TV for the rest of the day.

Saturday, June 12

Hey Happy Boston Gay Day

So before I really write anything gay per se (okay pride details are here if you ended up on this page looking for boston gay day info BOSTON PRIDE 2010) does it bug anyone but me that Bethenney F. from real housewives starts her new show by getting up and eating Frosting from the fridge in her PJ's for breakfast!!! WTF I thought she is suppossed to be the healthy one? Ok yes I probably do watch way too much reality tv but come on - Lost is gone now, cable shows are on WAY too late (we don't have a DVR) and I am trying really hard not to obsess on everything that is not getting done for our upcoming move. So yes its me and Bravo and my cooking shows - and thats the way its gonna be.

Last night was Boston Dyke March - Em and I took the boy. Out of 2000 queer women the only person I saw that I know is the boys preschool teacher - so we marched with her and her girlfriend of course.

Today if we wake up we are off to Pride. The boy tells me he wants to wear his Superman shirt.

Pix to follow

Friday, June 11

Friday - Dyke March Boston

We went to the Dyke March tonight. R was not in the greatest mood - he really does not enjoy crowded events full of grownups. I was surprised that there were not a few more kids there - less than a dozen probably and none that he wanted to run around with -- none of our friends. Luckily his teacher Jenn was there with her sweetie julie & she got some smiles out of him.
so Boston Dyke march is a march and not a "meander" like the SF version. We had a nice sunset hike through the Common, Back Bay, and eventually looping back into the common.
Estimates were that there were 2000 foks marching - not bad.

Afterwards we headed to Harvard Square for vietnemese food at our favorite neighborhood place Le's.