Friday, January 29


So he's been tracing letters for awhile and playing dot to dot with em. But today he actually wrote out words (!) letter by letter with me. We especially like how he writes the letter "E"

Tuesday, January 26

New Library Playdate

Running around the playground at the new library with our buds & their dads on a recent Tuesday afterschool - fun

Friday, January 22

sick boy

after sleeping till past noon the boy woke up long enough to ask for his water bottle and to head into the front room where he likes to go for "privacy" (aka pooping). This is where I found him after about 5 minutes of too much quiet. He was sound asleep leaning over the couch and still holding his water bottle.
Day two of a four day illness ...

Thursday, January 21

On Skype ---

The boy skype's with his bff girlfriend in Seattle. Now that we have a new laptop (at 17" that is probably a bit of a misnomer) we have a built in web cam. A visit with Lila and her grandma in Seattle was our maiden voyage - the kids were so cute.

Wednesday, January 20

Could this day get any worse....

Went to the Science Museum today with Alex and Jack - and had a lovely time, but when we got home Jeff met us at the door and asked where Mabel was - since she hadn't been barking at him and Mikey although they were right outside our windows. Uh Oh I thought.... for those of you who don't know - our geriatric (about 11 years old) Dog Mabel has been doing poorly this winter. Her arthritis is getting bad, she can barely get up and down our few front stairs - and about a couple of months back she had a couple of seizures or something --which have caused me & em to think she may not be long for this world. So when Jeff said she wasn't inside barking I began to think the worst.... I opened up the door - and no dog was there to great us... not a good sign. I asked Alex to hang with the boys while I started to look around for Mabel - I didn't think a couple of 3 year olds needed to find her laying in a heap if thats what I was going to find. So I look in the office, the kitchen, the front room - No Dog --- Weird.

Then Alex calls me into R's room - and look what we found ...

This is what is left of the boys mattress - and what you can't smell from the picture is that its covered in urine too (yummy). Right after we discovered this I did find Mabel - she was down in the basement cowering in a far corner.... terrified.... and of what you may ask....

Emily left her pager at home on this trip to SF and the battery is dying. The thing had been beeping every few minutes in the pitch that apparently makes Mabel LOSE HER MIND!!!

Alex helped me turn the pager off & I threw out the mattress....

Now I just need to tell you about the fun EMILY had today.

MoS Again

trip to the museum of science with Gabe & Jack.
R & I built a staircase.

Monday, January 18


Enjoying some snow fall at Grandma/Grandpa's house in the woods on the arrow sled

Sunday, January 17

Adventure Day - Providence

We talked Mommy into coming along for an adventure day & we got a REAL adventure. We all climbed into the car and headed to Providence RI and the children's museum there. It's smaller than Bostons' Kids museum but similar in many ways. The boy had a great time. Then we headed up by Brown and grabbed some college town Pizza. Did I mention that the other day he said " Hey Momma - P-I-Z-Z-A spells Pizza"

Wednesday, January 13


Today we went with Kath & Gabe to the Museum of Science.
Monito wanted to wear his crown, as you can see ...

He enjoys any type of computerized display - this was a machine where you can send yourself an ecard outside of the gift shop - he stayed busy here for a good twenty minutes.

I enjoyed looking at the urban planning models

the Zakim Bridge

Thursday, January 7


After school we went for "coffee" and then walked over to the new library to meet Alex and Jack. The place is pretty great - the third floor is a dedicated kids area with a play space, lots of seats a few rooms for readings, computers, books and toys. They even have a couple of gerbils at the librarians desk. The older building (to the left) has a teen center. And out front there is even a small playground.

Monday, January 4

Year In Photos

January 2009
(click photo for larger image)

January snowfall meant sledding and building snow-folk, hardily or fool-hardily we started the year out with back to back day trips to the zoo & to Drumlin Farms, then we got some sense and made some indoor playdates. Luckily for us January also meant vacation - which this year was a trip to Florida to see Grandma, Grandma Anne followed by a 3 day cruise to the Bahamas. The boy loved all the travel and made some good friends on the boat (college girls) and on the islands (taxi drivers).
In January we celebrated with Uncle Dan (& raised a glass to Uncle Chuck as well) and we watched as the whole country celebrated the new presidents Inauguration.

February 2009

February came in with more snow - but we bravely continued on with our adventure days. We also got a lot of playtime in with our neighbors and friends. We celebrated Farah's birthday and got in a trip to the Shire where we did some sledding. The boy "explored" the potty.
It was a bad month for Grandpa Eldon in SF & we were on pins & needles because of that.

March 2009

March 2009 was in like a lion & out like a lamb.
More snow and also a good amount of rain to boot. Em was working nights the first half of the month which is always challenging too. But we did get a golden shire weekend where the boy got to SKI for the First time EVER, and Em & I got to hit the outlets - ummm. The boy and I also took a weekend to go to the Nehirim women's retreat in CT (near the shire) where I got to hang with Dev & he got to bond with Jesse. It was AWESOME. in many many ways. and finally
.... sheep shearing at Drumlin Farm - where they cut the wool by hand.

April 2009

Flowers begin to bloom in the park behind our house, and even better we have another week of vacation & we get to celebrate Grandma Nancy in style down in Maya Riviera near Cancun & Em, the boy and I get a couple more days in Tulum.
All that and Em's Birthday, Passover, another Drumlin visit and more fun with our friends & neighbors at playgroup and in the park.

Newf's take Mexico - '09

The boy, the clan, the cousins, the clothes, the shows, the baby.... Ahhhh Mexico

May 2009

May is always a busy month. First was the boys birthday. With Grandparents in town and two good parties. Then we were off to Seattle for Marissa's wedding, Deb's Birthday and a chance to meet Evan. After being home for a few days it was off to Burlington VT to see the Bluebramson clan for the Memorial Day Weekend (ummm meat!!!) We ended the month in the Shire.

June 2009

In June we enjoyed some dance party time in the kitchen as well as Boston Pride - where we ran into one of the boys teachers at the parade. We had strawberry shortcake mornings and some adventure days on the Charles - including a day enjoying the Dragon Boat Races.

July 2009

Summer!! Yeah!!
Sprinklers, Ice Cream Trucks, cousins, the shire.

August 2009

Finally the rain stopped and we got some of the good summer weather. We also got another weeks vacation and this time it was off to Vinallhaven Maine where Alex (& her mom Roz) graciously hosted the whole bunch of 3 year old crazy people. We kayak'd, we swam, we hiked, we climbed, we napped, we got over our fear of Lobsters and we did it all again. A great week was had by all. Then we came home to a happy and a sad - The happy was the new playground at Cambridge Common - IT ROCKS, the sad was Kris & Lila packing up and making the move to Seattle - big Unlike (but now we have even another reason to visit Seattle!!)

September 2009 - School Starts

September brought more good weather but also found me & the boy on our own a lot more. Lila is in Seattle and Jack and Gabe are in school full time. Our boy started school too - but just two mornings a week. We celebrated Dash's Birthday, a Newfield Rosh Hashanah and Cambridge Carnival. We also had more adventure days as well as some time in the Shire and discovered the Big Truck Day up near Drumlin Farm.

October 2009

We started the month by enjoying the Honk! Festival in Cambridge/Sommerville and ended it with Halloween in SF.

November 2009

Back to Cambridge from SF & the leaves of fall are Everywhere. The boy gets some use out of his new rain boots (or mud boots), We enjoy Pajama Day at school and Adventure Day finds us at Boston Medical Center watching construction crews outside of Mommys window. Speaking of construction the boy also got to do some hands on demolition upstairs with Jeff as he tore down the kitchen walls. He is also getting to be an old hand at CandyLand now that we have had the game for a week or two. Thanksgiving dinner was at a harvard penthouse - and amazing. And Dori turned ONE - bringing a weekend of Newfields to Cambridge at the beginning of the month, followed by a Thanksgiving visit at the close of the month.

December 2009

December was sandwiched between two full moons - one the night of my birthday and again on NY Eve. The month started with a warm streak - I was actually out a couple days in a row in short sleeves and no jacket - but don't worry the snow reappeared quickly.
Em spent the month on Night Float which meant we had weekend time together (when she was awake) It was also a month full of Family time & events. My Birthday in Cambridge, Chanukah celebrations in CT, and New Years at the Shire.
We also got to spend time with Kristen & Lila as they were back visiting from Seattle for the holiday - sledding at Fresh Pond, late breakfasts, X-mas Eve tortilla dinner and a fun early NY Eve party with all 4 kids dancing in the dark with glow sticks at 8:30.