Sunday, November 30

Challah 2008

He donned goggles & pulled out all the tools to help me construct a challah for shabbat. Our challenge with Uncle Dan to come up with a lovely fluffy loaf before 2010 is on... wish us luck - we'll be home baking on Fridays.
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Wednesday, November 26

Picking the Thanksgiving rolls...

This is at the backery near grandma/grandpa's house in New York (his favorite place to go these days). You get to pick your own bread and bagels right off the conveyor belts then take them to the folks for slicing. There are also lots of good cookies and pastries.
Can you imagine how busy it is on the day BEFORE thanksgiving ????

Sunday, November 16

His New Best Friend

You can't totally tell from this picture but the lil' guy fell hard for Dev when she was in Cambridge this weekend for a conference. It helped that she arrived bearing the totally cool gift of a stuffed-puppet beaver from Jesse & immediatly started to play with him. And then she was on the couch reading him books, and playing a mean game of mommy-mama ball --- all in all it couldn't have been better. I was pretty excited too. We stayed up way past our bedtimes plotting our returns to California.
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Wednesday, November 12


He asks us for "privacy" now when he needs to poop.
He is the little dot at the far end of the field one weeknight recently
when he decided to go while we were out walking Mabel.

Ikea Sunday Part I

Em and I went to Ike@ where we were looking for some storage options for the kitchen. So what we found is BIG - but undaunted & figured I could put it together my own butch self - and mostly I did - this is what Em and the Monkey came home too.....

Tuesday, November 11


New baby Newf arrived last night 11/10/08 about 7pm
She weighed in at 6 pounds 14 ounces and was 19 inches long. Mom, Dad and baby are doing great, and Big sister Farah is so proud that she "has been bragging to everyone that she is already a really good big sister".

Dori Pearl 11/10/08

Sunday, November 9

City Hall

Here is a shot of the lil monkey playing with G.Ma Roseanna after Yom Kip services in SF. Since getting home my mom has told me a couple of times how special it was for her to come to CSZ and to get to enjoy the services for Kol Nidre & Yom Kippur. I didn't get to appreciate the services myself because I was mainly hanging with the lil guy in the childcare area but it was worth it all to get to have him spend some special time with his Grandma who hadn't seen him since he was about 2 weeks old. I get to remember this each time some of these photos cycle through the screen saver on my computer and he gleely yells out Grandma, Grandma - also he is loving his leapfrog computer & new tiger slippers - Thanks Grandma!!!

Saturday, November 8

Frisco Kid

The boy is 2 1/2 years old now. We are talking about school (daycare) and he still seems way too little to me to even be considering such a thing - but all of our friends are looking to start next fall when they are 3. Developmentally he is SO SMART (yeah thats my professional opinion). He talks circles around his mamas, he has taken to singing constantly around the house - as if life is a musical in which he is the only cast member. He is all about cars, trucks, motorcycles and diggers. He is still a big booby man & still sleeping in his mamas bed. Potty training appears to be uhmmm... just around the cormer - the other day he carried the potty seat over to me and announced that he was peeing in his diaper -so thats something. He is in his two's - He has a pretty good whine, and has times when he gets so upset that all those words he has completly fail him and all he can do is make some god-awful screeechy sound. He likes the word "no" - unless we are using it. If Em says no to something he immeadeatly turns to me and asks for the same thing - as if I didn't just hear her say no. And if I say "What did Mommy say" - he'll tell me that she said no - so funny.
Bath time is probably the best time of the day, snuggle in the morning time is a close second. He is just incredibly sweet and funny and generally fun to be around. I count my blessing - for him & for Em pretty much every night before I fall into crazy exhausted sleep.

Monday, November 3

We're off to see the wizard....

Dorothy hugs the "scary" lion

Dorothy, The Scarecrow & 9-month pregnant Glinda
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Sleepy Lion

We got all ready to go to Alex's party and then he hit that wall...
so here he is collapsed & napping in costume while I wait for him to wake up so the
Halloween fun can begin.

We had a great time, Em got home to late for Alex's but in time to go Trick or Treating with DGina (as we call her brother & sister-in-law). Photos will follow...
F. was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz because it is her favorite all time EVERYTHING its the best movie, book, story etc EVER. Dan was a wicked good scarecrow, Gina was a very pregnant Glinda (or Galinda depending on which story you follow) - and I put on Em's scrubs and white coat and walked around telling folks that I was Glinda's OB.

G. was due on halloween so we are all hanging out WAITING for the new baby to come - probably some day this week - in the meantime I will be eating some of the 3 pounds of candy that we have because we got home too late to give it out to any trick or treaters.
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Sunday, November 2

Hoyt Field Hawk

We were out with the kids at the playground at Hoyt today when I saw a BIG Hawk swoop low over the baseball field - Em saw it too & said that it was carrying a rodent as it flew - Then it went really high & dropped what it was holding. But that wasn't the end - the hawk came back into the field & started eating the rat it had dropped (presumably to kill or stun it).

We ran over - cause we are like that... and we got within a few feat of the Hawk as it leisurly ate its dinner - phone pix follow - don't look if you don't want to see dead Rodent.

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Saturday, November 1

Mendocino Moments

Before too much time went by I wanted to post a few more shots from our weekend (thanks Mel & Veejay) in Mendocino... it was so amazing....

I got to enjoy a nice cuppa as Em & the boy ran & played on the beach -

Friends in MA may recognize this as when I sent the goofy text messages to you - I could totally imagine all of our 2-year-old crew running around like crazy kinder on this beautiful beach...

The views at this cove were awesome --- Such a great way to get into the mindset to enjoy such special friends bringing folks together to celebrate their commitment to one another.

This was a flyer in the window of one of the town's cafe's - an obit for Del Martin & a statement about marriage - too bad that the rest of Cali didn't feel this way....

Finally the view when you walk down to the end of town and over onto the bluffs -