Wednesday, February 22

Look who gets the best furniture in the house

Boy- o is starting out in style - thanks to Emily's good taste he'll have a better bed than we do. Until we steal it from him and convert it into a regular sleigh bed (ha ha - evil laughter). So shopping for baby stuff is almost as scary as shopping for maternity wear.

Thursday, February 9

High End Ultrasound...

Wow - with this picture you can actually sorta see his face - he is hiding behind the placenta - I guess its sorta like him having a favorite pillow - I figure he takes after me that way. The ultrasound was fine - he has a diaphram & its right where it should be.

So these are probably the last sets of pictures of little dude until we actually get to meet him this summer.


A few more shots of Blasto from the fine folks at CPMC