Wednesday, January 31

First Bagel

This weekend Blasto got his "teeth" into some NY Bagel courtesy of Grandpa Oh-No

and I think he likes it....
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For Jenny

Some shots of Monito in his crib that he doesn't actually sleep in, but we did lower the mattress so that he can't actually fling himself over the edges (thanks Dan) - Jenny wanted to see how the fancy Nancy Koltes salmon bumper looks - it looks pretty good.

Here is what his fake smile looks like...
Lil Monito enjoys the songbird that Aunt Suzan sent to him.
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Monday, January 29

From our Dec Pac Nwest trip - Coast Starlight views

Tabblo: Coast Starlight - Dec 06

Shots of the Puget Sound Scenery that passed by as we road south from Seattle toward Portland. Although it was overcast it wasn't too cold or rainy - good for December in the Pacific Northwest. The boy was lulled to sleep by the clickety clack of the rails and the whistle blowing. He woke up in time for our lunch in the dining car where we joined a sweet baby boy from Canada who was travelling to California to see his Grandparents. The four hour morning ride was perfect and relaxing -- I think I could do it again and again. ... See my Tabblo>

Wednesday, January 24

I'll consider this option.....

Yesterday the baby took a header out of his kicky-bouncy chair... the one that works great for infants who cant sit up yet and fling themselves around. The kind that has a crotch-snap 3 point harness that parents like me don't use... you know what I mean. The funny thing was (if these things are funny) was that I was literally in the middle of the sentence telling Em that I thought we needed to think of a new type of baby restraint system for the two chairs we have (bouncy and swingy) because I thought he looked ready to throw hims..... (bonk went the boy at that moment) ... himself out of them... just like that honey (scream goes the boy) - anyway he's fine. He has a nice little dime sized bruise to match his buddies who are all starting to stand, pull up and try to climb and thus are all falling on their heads & getting little cuts & bruises.

Today I was this on Daddy Types ----

I think it might be a good option.

Tuesday, January 23

Florida smiles

Here are some palm shots of Monito in Florida

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Andala Coffee House - Mamas in the hood

There was a mama takeover at the neighborhoods newest cafe yesterday. Emily aka Blah-di-blog who administers the Online Cambridge Moms Group - Cambridge Mama organized the under one take-over. I was happy that Kristen & Lyla from upstairs as well as a mama from across the street where there along with some of Rileys buds from playgroup - Harriet, Xander, Nick and Gabe. I feel pretty lucky that there is a cool group of mama's & babies all right in the hood - especially now that it started to get REALLY cold & snow.

Wednesday, January 10

its all about the Grandma love

With only a little arm twisting Emily convinced Grandma Anne into sitting down and giving Riley a bottle. Before this she hadn't held the lil Monito cause she was worried that he might squirm around & she might drop him.

But we countered with the all babies are made to bounce argument & propped up on the comfy couch everyone was FINE.

As you can see from the photos below the lil monkey was pretty happy in Grandma- Grandma's grabbers.

Although he did have to interrupt his eating to mug for the camera a bit....

It makes me very happy to see him with so much good East Coast Family time it makes the move feel so much more worth it.

Saturday, January 6

Happy Birthday Unka Debbie - uhmm I mean Dan

To celebrate his upcoming B'Day we took Dan out to Full Moon Kid friendly (read really loud & crazy) restaurant for dinner before we headed off to Florida. We got this photo in one of the rare moments when Farah was sitting down with us. It was a lot of fun to get to hang out with them & have a nice dinner that Dan didn't have to cook. I like the restaurant a lot, but it is pretty loud with 2 or more kids at every table. Still its worth it to know that there is a place you can go & no diner is going to give you that upset look when you roll the stroller in.

Dan - thanks so much for all the support in Boston so far & wishing you a great (!!) year of joys, surprise and accomplishment.
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A January Day in Cambridge

Hard to believe that this is the horrible land of winters that everyone warned us about. Today its between 65 & 70 degrees - too hot to wear a coat!!! Emily & I think its ironic that we are on our way to Florida for a vacation that was meant as a way to escape the horrible winter weather.

Anyway check out Monitos new ride - its a light Mclaren that we hope will travel well - thanks to Nelly (Em's parents housekeeper) for the Babies R Us gift card!!!

Now all I have to do is find a place to recycle two "almost good as new" strollers that are currently sitting in the basement.

And maybe I'll pop for a haircut when we are in Gay-Man-Landia of Key West cause as I look at this picture I think I am looking a little shaggy.