Monday, March 14

Counting, measuring and ttc

Today I started officially watching & counting. Got the thermometer by the side of the bed & I'll start checking for my Basal Body Temp every morning before I move - at least thats what all the books say to do. I printed out a calender/chart thing from somewhere on-line & also book-marked a chunk of "ttc" or trying to conceive web-sites & blog entries. I would like to find some other butches who either have done this, are trying or are thinking about getting pregnant. I feel sorta out here on my own even though I know that there are other butches who have wanted to bio-parent.It's very odd to be entering into a relationship with the "femaleness" of my body after nearly 30 years of trying to ignore just that. I guess I sorta feel like a seahorse

Sunday, March 13

Butch Baby Makin'

How do you decide to make a baby?

For E. and I it just kinda came together. I think I realized that I want to be a parent sometime 5 or 6 years ago. I think as I got to see some of my friends who are good parents I realized that I would be capable of parenting – a concept that hadn’t necessarily occurred to me before that. And as my relationship with Do & Allie grew as well as the relationships with my Nieces & Nephew. E. was a bit further behind but then earlier this year she had some back to back lectures that covered aging and fertility & she pretty much came home & announced that my eggs are dying faster than dinosaurs. So we walked to Walgreens & bought a bottle of prenatal vitamins and officially agreed to suspend our fears & disbelief and to just go forward and concentrate on being excited about trying to make a baby.

STEP ONE – Check

So how do two gals in the big city make a baby…. Steps two and three call the sperm bank and go to get a medical check up.



Thursday, March 10

We made a decision

Em & I decided that we would stop talking ourselves out of the idea of getting pregnant. We have talked about parenting on & off since early when we started dating and even more so since we got married four years ago. Its almost like we know too much of what to expect & as we talk about when & how we could do it we have had so many reasons why ita a bad time - or why we aren't quite ready (as if any one is ever ready). But here is the deal - I am 41 years old, we are two women so were not about to get pregnant by accident & we can't just go off of birth control & see what happens. So between em getting a couple lectures on fertility & how quickly it drains away with age & other stuff like that we made a pact to just go forward & see what happens. What if we just go forward - I feel excited and a little bit Naive -We stopped in Walgreens & bought prenatal vitamins to celebrate