Thursday, August 28

Black and White boy

See the post titled " Mabel" for more info...
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So I have had my cell phone for over 2 years, and I take pictures with it almost every day... and last week I discovered that the camera has "effects" like b&w and sepia. Nice photo of Mabel don't you think?
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Wednesday, August 27

Thnaks Grandma N.

The lil monkey after enjoying a morning at the pool last week.
Thanks Grandma for letting us into the hotel.
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Sunday, August 24


Sparky barfed again last night, second time in as many weeks. We drove back from the shire (late) and got home close to midnite. Em was bringing him out of the car & he totally puked smartf**d popcorn & "chocolate eggs" (what he calls M&M's) all over the neighbors walkway. Half hour later he was still puking chocolate. Em ended up taking TWO Midnight baths, and poor thing had to be up & going to work at 6am this morning. Although you have to admit that the height of mother love is hanging onto your crying puking baby boy & letting them vomit all over you because they are scared - even though all you want to do is get as far away as possible. Em earns some sort of special award!!! Me I got mop & laundry duty.

Today luckily all seems to be better - stomachs are settled & He's had some breakfast & a small lunch. I am laying off the snack foods for a bit. No nap - cause its Cambridge Carnival & the loud music trucks are shaking our house.

pictures to follow... (of carnival not of the yucky-puckies)

Thursday, August 21


Here is my imaginary tennis champ in action -
phew, pop, phew -- serve, run, volley, run
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Wednesday, August 20

Everyone is "Gay for Rachel"

Rachel Maddow reports from the MSNBC newsroom in New York City, January 3.

Lots of internet news buzz in the butchie-dykie blog world now that it is being announced that Rachel Maddow is getting her own MSNBC TV News Talkie Show starting 9/08/08

There is also a lot of buzz about how she is "crossing over" to the non-queer world (if there is such a thing) - hence the "gay for Rachel" term

I haven't listened to her on her Air America show (something to do with having a baby and not listening to anything) - But all accounts are that she is "wicked smaht" -- and she is a bay area homey that went off to Oxford and now is East Coasty splitting her time between Western MA & NY.

So I'll be trying to find the newsie channel next month & checking her out - nice to see something a little more serious than Rosie & Ellen (even though you all know that I loves me my Rosie & My Ellen).

Big queer congrats Rachel - but lets hope they don't make you dress up & wear makeup too much... cause we sure like the nerdy butch gal look

Monday, August 18

Mid August

Photos are from 8-16. The monkey had just got his phancy new duds in the mail from PhooeyUSA and couldn't wait to try them out on the playground, but for some reason he also thought that it would be a good idea to bring his winter hat out of hibernation. I think it was in the mid-80's so he worked up quite a sweat as he spent the morning running around the playground.
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Friday, August 15

Playing Catch up

It seems like I haven't had the chance to sit at the computer and write much of anything up here of late. Or it may just be I don't have lots to say to the internet space right now - its like a lot is going on & nothing is going on - 'cause life is a lot of the same.. and really do people want to hear about the schedule of my day in toddlerhood again & again?? (okay this is where you say yes we DO!!!) - Also most of the folks I know in real life who read this blog just got an email from me with all the absolutly wonderful photos done by our wedding photographer Anna Kuberberg so your not necessarily feeling the lack of looking at the cuteness that is our kid.

So to remedy that here is a shot of the monkey from yesterday. This is him in the middle of a game of pretend tennis with me. This was a first - normally when we walk through our park there are people out on the two tennis courts so we have never tried to play there before. But more interestingly this was the first time he has done a long drawn out pretending game with me of this nature. I would "serve" the invisible "ball" to him making a fun pow sound.. then he would run around the full court ending by batting the "ball" back to me with his own version of the pow sound. We did this until his hair was literaly stuck to his head with sweat from all the running. THE BEST PART - I barely had to move - he's so good that he could hit that pretend ball RIGHT TO ME!!


About a week ago the digger returned to our street to dig up the fire hydrant and re-plant it -- I think its some deal to keep the Union busy 'cause they seem to do it every couple of months. Anyways - as you can see the lil Monkey grabbed his digger and brought it out to say hi to the big digger and then we both sat on the stoop in the rain & mist and watched as the work progressed.


Some of you know that Em always said she wanted twins....

so I've been practicing.

Thursday, August 7

Cypress at Home

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A big WELCOME HOME to Cyrpress we have been rooting for you out here in Mass. & are very, very glad to hear that you are home with momma Amy & Daddy Sean where you belong. We hope that you enjoy the crock-a-gator & rubber ducky that the lil' monkey picked out for you. We hope that mommy & dad are getting plenty of rest when they are not busy covering you in kisses. Hopefully we will meet you properly in October.

Monday, August 4

Internet Addiction

So I don't write too much here about my uhmmm history with adictive & compulsive behaviors - suffice to say its a long & complicated one. But every so often it becomes an issue in new & sometimes unexpected ways. I had issues a few years back with playing a totally stupid Palm Pilot computer game until wee wee hours of the am & till my lil' thumbs were nearly raw. And more recently its been pointed out by my "better" half (you know who you are) - that I spend too much time at times wandering through blog-land & reading the drama of the internets lives.

Now I think that this criticism is partially misplaced. I wouldn't be harshed on for my long phone calls with "real life" friends going over the minuteau of the drama in their lives - and I don't think that my relationship with my pretend friends should be treated all that differently. In fact its even less obsessive I think because the internets have really really good drama going on - its like a great soap opera with many characters delivered in daily installments but with unexpected grace & humor (and occassional bitchy comment wars to boot.)

So is Em justified in her criticism... I suppose yes in the fact that I can sit down and go through a ton of blog entries that can take 1-2 hours to read - that is a long chunk of time at the computer when she'd rather have me paying attention to her or the boy. -- But I don't think I'd get the same grief if I sat down to read a novel for 2 hours --- even a cheesy crappy novel. I think there is something deeper that she's worried about - something in not getting how strangers can be invested in each others lives like the ring of folks on the internet clearly can be -- I think you don't get it unless you let yourself be into it. I don't know if that makes sense. So yeah its like my guilty pleasure - like Ice Cream & Soap Operas.. but at the same time & I am really caught up in how these journeys towards parenthood are going for folks.

Anyway I gotta run now & check in on some of my pretend friends ....