Sunday, December 26

Skype date with the Grandparents while the cousins visit

Ariel is in town with her kids and we got to spend most of the afternoon with them. After meeting up at the playground down at the Berkeley Marina (Adventure Park was closed) we had them up to the house where we broke out the magnatiles and dino's and then made a Skype call to Grandma Grandma Anne who is at Phancy's house in NY. Much much fun. Later in the day Kavan and Seyi arrived for a sleepover. The boy is almost overwhelmed with all this big cousin lovin' taking place in California.

Grandpa Eldon's special blueberry pancake breakfast

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at Grandpa's house

Contemplating the shabbas lights perhaps...
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Thursday, December 16


I visited Tehiya today (one of the schools that we are thinking about) and on the way out I saw this blossom - which is from the same tree that was behind our Cambridge House & would blossom for about a week every spring before another storm would come and blow all the pink flowers off and onto the ground.

I was pretty amazed to see it in Dec.

Wednesday, December 8

Birthday Dinner

a bit belated but here is the menu from our night at Chez Panisse.
AWESOME - in case you were wondering.
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Tuesday, November 23

The Deer - again

The buck and a young un were enjoying a meal on the side of the house again today. They are less and less skittish around us. All 3 of us were getting into the car and they just kept on noshing. I love it.
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Friday, November 12


So a few weeks back we got a half price Oakland Zoo membership through SavvySource (and 5% was donated to our preschool!!!)- I was hoping that the cards would get here in time for us to go to the Halloween Zoo events but they didn't - but they are here now & em had a vacation day at work (!!!!!) so after school we told the boy we had a surprise to show him. On the drive I let it slip that our destination was the zoo & he got upset - telling us in no uncertian terms that he considers the zoo to be BORING & it was NOT where he wanted to go - but since we were already on the freeway & mommy & momma wanted to go - Tough

Well we got to the Zoo and discovered that its pretty much a kids PLAYLAND with rides, a train and even

A ROLLERCOASTER (shamu rocks!)

The final verdict -- NOT BORING!!!!