Tuesday, November 23

The Deer - again

The buck and a young un were enjoying a meal on the side of the house again today. They are less and less skittish around us. All 3 of us were getting into the car and they just kept on noshing. I love it.
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Friday, November 12


So a few weeks back we got a half price Oakland Zoo membership through SavvySource (and 5% was donated to our preschool!!!)- I was hoping that the cards would get here in time for us to go to the Halloween Zoo events but they didn't - but they are here now & em had a vacation day at work (!!!!!) so after school we told the boy we had a surprise to show him. On the drive I let it slip that our destination was the zoo & he got upset - telling us in no uncertian terms that he considers the zoo to be BORING & it was NOT where he wanted to go - but since we were already on the freeway & mommy & momma wanted to go - Tough

Well we got to the Zoo and discovered that its pretty much a kids PLAYLAND with rides, a train and even

A ROLLERCOASTER (shamu rocks!)

The final verdict -- NOT BORING!!!!

Sunday, November 7

Jaspers 6th Birthday Party

This morning I went to tour a preschool and Em & the boy went shopping then we met up at
a gorgeous park in montclair for Jasper's Birthday Party (!!!!) - there were lots of great games for the kids & food & drinks (and coffee thanks so much laura and RV) & there was the most amazing trio of cakes decorated with space designs with M&M's - so cool

(Jasper lights the candles)
The Cakes
the smiles...

Traffic Stopper

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Post halloween

I've been enjoying watching as our pumpkins decompose this week. #naturetakesitstoll

Friday, November 5

Crazy Awesome Sunset

Lately we have been having some of the most amazing sunsets. Each evening I pretty much stop in my tracks and stare out the windows and down the hillside & feel truly blessed to be in such an amazing place. These photo's dont really do it justice at all.

but you get the idea I hope.
I know that they truly are stunning because after I spend my 20 minutes stuck at the window I have been seeing tweets and status updates from Oakland, SF, Berkeley all saying the same thing.

I am glad to feel so truly blessed and although I really really miss friends & family on the other side of the country my soul is just elevated by the beauty of this part of the world.

at the farm

This is us as we wait for Elizabeth and the boys to meet us at Tilden's Little Farm for an adventure day outing. Don't worry - it gets better.

Water Weight

38 lbs and 3/4ths water

Wednesday, November 3

Silly Face

a quick shot of the boy being silly for the camera phone and baby Thomas as we hang out afterschool in "Melanie Great Park" known to civilians as Tassajara Park in El Cerrito. We've started coming here about once a week to meet up with Mel & Tom-tom and to spy on the kids from the neighboring school that I am thinking about as one of our options for next year.

Giant Celebration Parade

After some deliberation the night before I decided that after I dropped the boy off at preschool I would go ahead and come into the city to check out the PARADE OF CHAMPIONS!!!! I think it was a very good decision to not bring him with because the crowds were insane & I suspect WAY MORE than the city had planned for.
These photos are from the FRINGES and in no way reflect the actual numbers of people there - seriously they are just catching the smatterings. I got close enough to see the tops of some of the floats heading into civic center & then I gave up and went up to Louies in the Castro for a haircut. (Guess what NO LINE) - Enjoyed the camraderie of a lot of happy folks on the BART trains both there and back - but reminded that I really don't like crowds.
Can't wait to bring the boy to a game or twenty in the spring!!!