Tuesday, October 23

World Series (of cleaning)

I cleaned our oven today.

I think that this is the first time in my life that I have cleaned an oven.

Monday, October 22

Back from Seattle

So we got home from our vacation on Sunday morning (6am sunday morning - ouch). We were lucky on the flight home that the lil guy got his own seat so we could set up his car seat & he is able to sleep in it really good. He slept from a few minutes after take-off till about half an hour before landing with one semi-conscious nursing break in there somewhere over the great lakes.

As for me ---- well I discovered that VH1 "classic" shows a couple hours from the 120 Minutes vault of 1980's punkrock and alternative videos ... so at 3 in the morning I was enjoying watching the old Courtney Love followed by Suicidal Tendancies and getting scared by Flock of Seagulls. Em --- well she's a plane sleeper so she did ok.

Our trip was really good. Blasto got to meet KINGSTON - his new cousin, as well as seeing Doron & Raffi in Portland and seeing his cousins in Seattle & Ali & Rhys who went out to Whidby Island for 3 days with us (poor kids had to miss school days and play on the beach instead!!)
We also got to spend a morning with Aunt Suzan and see the Salmon Ladder which was kinda quiet on the day we went but pretty cool nonetheless, plus we got to watch a sailboat get lifted up to go through the ballard Locke.

Anyway here is a link to some photos from the trip:

Seattle Pdx Trip 2007


We went up to the Fells today with Kath (& Gabe) and Jeff (& Lila) and let the kids hike around in the falling leaves. Mikey, Lila's dog came too and it was so funny to listen to Lila yelling "Mikey Mikey" as she tried to get him to come to her (which he has the sense not to do).

These three are pretty adorable together & its really nice to watch how they are learning to interact with each other. Lila is totally the leader of the pack and ready to tell Gabe & the Monkey what to do. They are all more interested in someone else's snack & water bottle than they are in their own which makes for some fun pushing & pulling but all in all they are good at sharing for 16 - 20 month old kids. Look at how good Gabe is at sharing his leaf with lil R.

Monday, October 8


Okay not quite, but the little monkey is beginning to put two words together. So far he has come up with "Where Da?" when looking for me and "Bye Doggie" to the neighbors little fluffy dog.

Sunday, October 7

Watching the Marching Bands

Honk! Fest today

Here you can see Em and Monito waving their Simchat Torah flag for the marching bands... probably not the most popular sentiment.

oh well & oy vey

A shout out to Mama Kathy in SF

As you can see from this photo even just a little time spent with Mama Kathy in SF pays off big time. The lil guy has been walking for only a couple months now but he's already learned how to put that skill to use & pick up a mop or a broom. Thank the gods, cause you all know that Emily & I are incapable of cleaning house.

Let's hope our little taurus keeps on doing it for us. & Kathy - next visit lets teach him what that toilet scrubber thing is for.

Saturday, October 6

Falling for fall II

Because one video just isn't enough I added this one too.

Falling for fall

Hanging out with Lila

Lila from upstairs has begun to hang out more & more with the lil monkey. Here he is showing her everything there is to know about snaps.

The lil monkey enjoys RiverSing

A few weekends ago on the Charles River at the Weeks bridge a bunch of choirs performed at Sunset - this is an annual beginning of fall thing. I think the lil guy liked it.

Monday, October 1

Ahhhhhh San Francisco

Where ladies hang from the fronts of churches in dancing cages on Folsom St Faire Sunday --- How we misses you....

xo xo to the peoples back home