Thursday, July 28

Bleedin' Again

“Auntie Flow” Reappears

So I don't think I have ever been happy to get my period. But there is something uplifting about the fact that about 28 days from the D&C I am bleeding what seems like a full on regular period. This would put us in line to be ovulating again around Aug 11th - of course thats the day we are supposed to be flying out of town & going on vacation but I am surewe will work things out.I am feeling proud of my body for recuperating quickly & actually feel optimistic about trying again. Of course if it had been up to me I would have wasted a shot last week since I had been convinced that when I bled again it would be back on my pre-pregnant schedule. I miss how it felt to be pregnant & at the same time I don't feel devastated at the fact that it didn't progress all the way through. Sometimes I am not sure if this is denial or if its healthy acceptance. I've told a few people that I am more amazed that any babies actually get throughthose early weeks of fetal development - it seems so incomprehensible that something can go from a couple of cells to becoming all these different types of tissue, and bone, and brain ... at every point it seems like a million different things could go wrong