Friday, March 30

Whats Up These Days

Monito is learning to crawl this week. He started last weekend in an effort to impress Grand-parents Phancy while they were in Boston & has since continued to pick up skill. At Kath's house on thursday he started by only being able to push himself backwards until he was wedged under the dining room table, but by 6pm (two hours later) he was crossing the living room carpet. He crossed our kitchen this morning to play to the camera (an upload to you tube is forthcoming) and tonight crossed the livingroom - door to couch to get to the holy breast.

Em and I are impressed & somewhat frightened.

He continues to work on his "walking"/cruising skills as well and says that he's got a big surprise instore for Grandma Anne for Pesach.

Happy Wedding Boy

A gratuitous shot of Monito from Aimee & Tam's Wedding at the
Brazil Room in October 06

Danny Loves Disco

Photo is from last sunday at baby loves disco....

Thursday, March 15

Boston is Weird

Okay yesterday it touched 70 degrees and I spent the day out with Lori & all our kids (she has two - Christopher & Conner) - we walked, we had Indian Food in the park, and she had a Pizza party in the park for her hubby's B'day in the evening... That was Wednesday. Today it is grey and raining - it's 50 something degrees and tomorow there is supposed to be 6 Inches of Snow .

This town just doesn't make sense... is it spring? Is it winter? ??

It is match day (good luck Margaret, Maya & Joe) ... ahhh we remember last year like it was...
I don't know just months ago I suppose. Em & I have both been having a little touch of the PTSD this week remembering this time last year.

Sunday, March 4

I left my Heart In.....

More to come soon ... all in all a very good trip to SF
We miss you all already!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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