Tuesday, February 24

Adventure Day #3 Science Museum

Here's my tall boy at a height chart at the kids science museum - the site of Adventure Day #3 (or maybe #4). Today we had the free pass from the library to go to the museum - but no one to go with - oh well. We tried a new way of getting there. We took the EZRide bus - which is a sortof private/public bus provided by MIT tech companies & housing that got a waiver on parking spaces by agreeing to provide a bus service. It runs during commute hours so we got the first bus of the afternoon - at 3pm on Erie st about a 5-10 min walk from our house. For $1 we both rode to the stop RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from the Science Museum. Sadly I couldn't find the stop on the other side to figure out how to ride it home - we will save that for another Adventure Day.

At the museum we started by using our free pass to let some teenagers in with us - I hope they had fun (!) - then we went to the Frog Exhibit, but turned around and left cause the guy didn't like the dark room. After that he spent AGES playing with the computer that takes you for 3d views of the inner ear, the heart and the colon - he really likes the colon. I pulled him away to look at the ultrasounds & then we saw the baby chicks hatching. He was to short to ride the bicycle that makes a skeleton across from you ride its own bicycle, but he did try a few other experiments before heading in to see monkeys. We followed all that excitement with LUNCH at the cafe - which has a great view of the river if you sit in the right places. Monito played on the musical stairs while I bought a St$rb$cks coffee & then we perused the Gift Store. Before we knew it it was 5pm and they were kicking us out of there.

We walked to the Science stop T station & took the train to the train & then headed over to Kath & Gabes for some more playtime & kid dinner. All in All a very succesful adventure day!!!!
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