Tuesday, March 10

Last Snow Photo for Awhile

This is a Boston/Cambridge tradition...

After you spend what seems like hours/months/weeks digging your car out of the snow & ice you are loathe to see some other sucker pull right into your freshly cleared spot. So the tradition was created - in the South End or so I heard - of putting out some sort of space saver. This isn't done on our block, but about two blocks over I noted that nearly every spot on the street had been marked in this way - with a cone, a lawn chair or in this case a garbage can.

Supposedly the city lets the markers stay there for the first 48 hours after a big storm and then after that they start scooping them up - but people in some hoods report getting their car vandalized if they "take" someone else's spot.

Yet another lesson learned by the Californians...
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