Friday, November 12


So a few weeks back we got a half price Oakland Zoo membership through SavvySource (and 5% was donated to our preschool!!!)- I was hoping that the cards would get here in time for us to go to the Halloween Zoo events but they didn't - but they are here now & em had a vacation day at work (!!!!!) so after school we told the boy we had a surprise to show him. On the drive I let it slip that our destination was the zoo & he got upset - telling us in no uncertian terms that he considers the zoo to be BORING & it was NOT where he wanted to go - but since we were already on the freeway & mommy & momma wanted to go - Tough

Well we got to the Zoo and discovered that its pretty much a kids PLAYLAND with rides, a train and even

A ROLLERCOASTER (shamu rocks!)

The final verdict -- NOT BORING!!!!

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