Saturday, May 8

Birthday Photos

these poor shots will have to keep you satisfied until I get copies of the photos that Grandpa Phil took. But until then here are some views of our rained in birthday boy and co. Since it was POURING and thundering we cancelled our planned playdate in the park and just pared down to family and the og playgroup kids in our apt. Gabe, Jack (also a birthday boy today) and Harriet joined us along with the Granparents N. and DGina Farah and Dori. We valiantly did our best to drink a couple dozen juice boxes and eat 4 bags of pretzels and chips. We got some good BBQ sandwiches from Coast Cafe and Mommy brought 20 special cookies from the cafe by her work.

Present opening time was a HUGE hit.

Thanks everyone for such a fun time.

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