Saturday, June 12

Hey Happy Boston Gay Day

So before I really write anything gay per se (okay pride details are here if you ended up on this page looking for boston gay day info BOSTON PRIDE 2010) does it bug anyone but me that Bethenney F. from real housewives starts her new show by getting up and eating Frosting from the fridge in her PJ's for breakfast!!! WTF I thought she is suppossed to be the healthy one? Ok yes I probably do watch way too much reality tv but come on - Lost is gone now, cable shows are on WAY too late (we don't have a DVR) and I am trying really hard not to obsess on everything that is not getting done for our upcoming move. So yes its me and Bravo and my cooking shows - and thats the way its gonna be.

Last night was Boston Dyke March - Em and I took the boy. Out of 2000 queer women the only person I saw that I know is the boys preschool teacher - so we marched with her and her girlfriend of course.

Today if we wake up we are off to Pride. The boy tells me he wants to wear his Superman shirt.

Pix to follow

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Kathleen said...

next year we will march even though you won't be here ; - (