Saturday, August 28

Adventure Playground - Berkeley Marina

Here is another one of our finds as we "adventure day" our way around Berkeley. This one was thanks to Laura, RV and Jasper who invited us out to get dirty and play dangerous. Today we went to the Adventure Playground at the Berkeley Marina. This is a pretty awesome space where kids are invited to get tools, nails, paint and build the playground themselves.

this playspace was created in 1979 & kids and their grownups are invited to construct and deconstruct at will. Jasper showed R. the ropes (as it were) while Laura & Em chatted and Rachel and Rachael got to catch up too.

There is a piano, a zip line, about 20 various forts and things... and just a lot of mess to be made.

Here is a shot of the boy inspecting the "canon" that he & Jasper added onto the "ship"

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