Friday, October 1

It Gets Better

Here is a clip of Dan Savage & His Husband Terry - this is directed at queer and questioning teens & other young folk who feel like they are ready to give up on life cause the shit is JUST TOO MUCH. I wasn't even really bullied in High School but I still feel that Alison Kelly (without knowing it) literally saved my life on at least one occasion cause it just sucked so much. Bette Midler also gets some credit since her recording of I Shall be Released was my morning fight song.

This project - It gets better - is becoming a huge collection of video entries of encouragement. & I don't know if it will help some kid somewhere - but I pray that it does. Cause it does get different & it does get better & there are other places to live where you can find how to be yourself and there is a whole crew of other survivors out there who are going to be your family & help you through.

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